Summer bag from synthetic leather

Summer bag from synthetic leather

Summer bag from synthetic leather

To get started you will need:

1) Artificial leather, oilcloth, or something denser tkani.Kolichestvo depends on your bags (what is its height, length, width)

2) Hook 1,3mm

3) Castle

4) Thick film, cardboard, etc. (for pens)

5) Backing Cloth

6) Punch

Cut the material into squares 7×7 sm.i do punch holes, 4 on each side of the square.

These holes tied with crochet
1 row: Art. without .nak. (at the corners of the number of Art. must be greater than on the side of the square)
2 series: Art. without NAC. + On the corner of 2nd additional loops, it will help when stitching squares meters, have each other.
I got 37 square meters.

2 3

Bind them under the scheme next item.  
blue place where square. not stapled.

4 5

The diagram shows a blue spot this place is not cross linked, it is inserted into the pocket with lock


That pocket


Sewed the main castle and it binds with 3 rows of art

8 (1)


Pens. We cut out the 2nd part of such


Thick film is not necessarily transparent.


We put together the film and “the skin.” Tied as well as sq.


Tie handle to the bag and get fashionable bags



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