Summer jewelry set in hydrochloric technology
jewelry set
In this tutorial I will show you a very simple but interesting way to create structure on the polymer clay. This technique is called – salt technique. This can be used as both the salt and sugar. Sugar is used most often. And I’m going to use sugar (preferably take a bigger sugar) in this tutorial.
jewelry set
you will need:
-pasta machine (or a rolling pin)
-polimernaya clay in different colors
-Tools (pliers, wire cutters, pliers)
-gvozdiki (pins)
-togl (lock)
-zubochistki (Awl)
– cutter (form cut)
-working surface begins with the fact that knead the clay, cut off the right amount, it is rolled on the pasta machine.Ready layer divide into parts. To the beads were all identical in size – use the cutter. And Kata beads. The form of beads at this stage it does not matter. Getting to the creation of textures. To do this, pour sugar in disposable plastic plates, on hand to receive a bit of sugar and rolled in it bead. If you want your entire bead was porous, and the pits were deep – it is necessary to roll the bead more! Now bead should be flat! I am worn on skewers. You can make holes with an awl, or immediately strung on skewers (who is as comfortable). And now bake.
jewelry set
jewelry set
after baking is necessary to put the beads in warm water to dissolve the sugar. After a wet cloth. And wait until they dry out. Beads made in salt technique is not covered with varnish. Therefore, after they have dried they collect in the bracelet and earrings. Wearing beads on a nail, clippers nibble too much, do Round loop and using pliers secured to the chain. You can still wear any suspension, or something else of your choice. 1.
jewelry set
jewelry set
and enjoy!
courtesy: liveinternet