Sunflower in a new way

Sunflower in a new way

Sunflower in a new way


We need:
about 2 meters yellow ribbon width of 2.5 cm (pictured tape residue, as always forgotten  all materials first job), about 1.5 m brown (or black) tape width of 5 mm felt, thread Brown or black, glue gun, tape candle for processing.


Cut in strips: 32 pieces 4.5 cm, 8 pieces of 3.5 cm


Petals are made as follows: ribbon folded in half inside out, little corners wrapped and soldered over a candle.


Then soldered on the other side like this.


Cut from carbohydrate (or felt) circle with a diameter of 4 cm and pasting it onto the 2 rows of petals, 4.5 cm, single row of petals of 3.5 cm. Is glued onto the staggered.



Took a brown belt,


collect it on a thread, pulled, turned in a circle and carefully pasted in the middle of the flower.


Taped hairpin crocodile and a flower on her head ready!
The flower was very light, airy, almost weightless!
Flower diameter 11 cm.


When done,sunflower got a little, we had rows of petals glued to each other without moving, and I almost slipped. Like this. Thank you.Glad if someone come in handy in my experience.

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