How to make beautiful rose from yarn

Suspension rosehip

Suspension rosehip

For the manufacture of suspension “Rosehip” you’ll need:
• Wool yarn or other suitable two pink shades;
• Slightly yellow yarn;
• Twine;
• Cups made of cardboard, one with a diameter of 11-12 cm; second 5.5-6 cm;
• Clay. For gluing the twine on cardboard I use PVA for gluing petals and seeds – adhesive-type Titan (TITAN WILD, AXTON). You can do one type of anything, but the seed Titan exactly preferable.
• Seeds of hawthorn, but not small and large. Petty I had, I was treated to a close, so I kept the seeds and. Useful!
So, we proceed. To begin with glue circles together. Little need for greater rigidity, and also serves as receptacle. Getting stick twine spiral, starting from the middle portions of 1-1.5 cm, giving dry.

Finished pasting the two sides are moving to the next stage – sepals.
They are made from twine two ways: individual petals …

… Or a string, forming a spiral petals. I liked the second method, but it is, in general, does not matter. Twine hard, it supports a soft petals of the yarn.

Suspensions, I made a few sunflowers and rose hips – just one. Second, I would have done a little differently, and then compared to that better. But he has one, so I will write as it is.
We start to glue the petals. The first series of threads of a length of 7.5 cm in one thread.

The second row of petals made from two threads of the size of 8 cm, but glued a little deeper (closer to the middle). The petals are arranged in a checkerboard pattern, closing the gaps. For sunflowers, I tried to do the petals straight, here, on the contrary, to get dressing. To do this, keep the left edge of the threads of the left hand and right edges of the little curls. As such, we put the ends of the threads, and glue tab. It turns out non-smooth, bumpy, but that’s what we achieved, right?

To usilist fluffy effect, in the third row, I picked up the tab on the strings of different lengths, 8 and 9 cm; Petal continue to tighten, more about it will not resemble. And of course we comply with the checkerboard pattern.
Adding a second, lighter color: Petal take two strings, dark and light 8 cm 7.5 cm.
So sizing two series, 4th and 5th.

The last, 6th row, makes it even more light: to take two petal bright thread 7 cm + one
dark 6.5 cm.
Depending on the diameter of the initial circle, the thickness of the yarn, may need to add
or remove a row.

Fill in the middle. Please paste the “rakers” of yellow yarn, a very middle of a seal the seeds of hawthorn. Filling is like petals from the edge to the center. To gently lay the seeds, easy to use toothpicks.
Seeds took hawthorn due beige color, and form, in my opinion, appropriate. Instead,
you can try the eggplant seeds, fruits sometimes come with very hard seeds.
If you have any more ideas, write.


But our suspension is ready. Glue the loop on the back and and can be hung on the wall!




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