Sweet bouquet of chocolates

Sweet bouquet of chocolates

Sweet bouquet of chocolates

This workshop will help you learn how to make beautiful bouquets of sweet chocolates and corrugated paper.

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That’s what we will need to create a bunch of candy.


We do for our future stems of flowers from floral wire. At the end of each stalk do loop using pliers.


Here’s a loop we have.


Next, with the help of pliers turn down the loop as shown in the photo. Thus it turns podstavochki for candy.


We remove brown candy wrappers, put them on the stems and wrap film. Then fasten anchoring the film under each candy tape.


The core on the stalk ready.

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Now we will do the petals. For etoge cut into strips of corrugated paper floral 25-27 cm long, 7-8 cm wide. Each floret we need two strips of different colors, in this case yellow, and purple.
Is bent toward the center on both sides of the edge 7-8 mm. The next step a little difficult to explain in words and pictures.


We need to stretch your fingers Therefore slightly bent edge. The movement of his hands alternately, for example, the right hand of himself, to his left hand. Stretched out a little bit, we shifted and stretched, but now on my own left hand, right hand to him.


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That is what we must have. And so we act with all stripes petals.


When all the petals are ready, we pick a flower – wrap strips of corrugated paper around the candy.


First, wrap a strip of yellow, then – purple.


That is, what a beautiful flower we have.


But that is not all. Petals, secure tape, pre-pressed paper under the arm candy.


That’s what we’ve got.
Then do as many flowers as we need for the bouquet.


We put flowers with knfetami ready to frame and compose a bouquet.


Then fix the stems with tape, attach to them wooden skewers to handle thicker and was re-tape fix everything


Getting to the creation of satin handles. First winding handle two-sided construction adhesive tape.

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Then winding the handle of the bouquet with satin ribbon.


At the base of the bouquet will need to turn down the ribbon to the handle turned neatly.
It is important to turn down the tape in the same direction ..


When they came to the frame, then it is necessary to stick to the tape. This can be done using the glue gun. When the handle is fully taped, extra tape and cut off the tip of her anchoring adhesive.


The place where the tip of the tape glued, hide and decorate the bow from the same tape.


Our beautiful bouquet of chocolates ready!

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