The Handmade bracelet made from PET bottles

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Material cost zero! The ♥ Let handmade the perfect bracelet to summer
Colorful and cute this bracelet ♥ you do what is made from PET bottles. Material costs ¥ 0! Moreover, it would be able to easily immediately. One of the bracelet in the world, why not try to make?

This bracelet, it’s a handmade ♥


Perfect for this bracelet in the summer, it’s now a topic.
Colorful and ♡ I’m perfect bracelet of summer
Material whopping bottles!

And I’ve been made ​​from that bottle.
Do not imagine something very cheesy and hear and accessories made ​​from plastic bottles?
This bracelet is a quality that I do not think it is to have been made ​​from No way PET bottles.


Material cost is a whopping Zero

Materials needed three of only!
Do manicure you have?
If nail polish is in your home, the material cost is zero!


How to make Bracelet 

Now, we will introduce a bracelet of how to make.
* Material *

1. (I recommend the type that is not bumpy.) Pet finished using bottle
2. (to those of the bracelet that want to make width) masking tape
there if you can substitute in Scotch tape.
3. topcoat and manicure scissors ironing


1. We will put the width of the tape that you want to make the pet bottle.
You can substitute cellophane tape if there is no masking tape.
If you are using a cellophane tape, let’s use it from weakening the adhesive force once it is put in, such as the back of the hand.



2. it will cut at the tape


Even with a cutter also with a pair of scissors, but please use the more easy to use.
3. When you are finished cut, it will remove the tape.

6 7

Hoop was finished.


4. Use the iron was allowed to warm to about medium temperature.
It pressed gently to the cut part to iron.


Kuruntto rounded.
Also pressed in the same way the other side.


5. Masu or go painted nail polish on the inside.
Here freely please ♥ paint your Nari design
is complete After last painted topcoat ★
Various design of PET bottles bracelet

Also design thickness also freely pet bottle bracelet.
1 is also wonderful to put the color of narrow bracelet overlaid what color or


Thick of the bracelet if big impact!
Because it is made ​​of plastic bottles in the ocean and the pool is big success ♥


Arrange technique is confirmed by video!

You can use the glitter we are can also easily so gorgeous bracelet.

This year’s summer Let’s go to the sea in a bottle bracelet ♥

Easy and she can even immediately zero cost bracelet, or did you think?
But please try to make all means a perfect one original bracelet in the world in the summer ♥

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