The lamp in the shape of a doll made ​​of paper

The lamp in the shape of a doll made ​​of paper | Easy Craft Ideas

The lamp in the shape of a doll made of paper

The wonderful unique dolls – lamps made of paper, I discovered another variant of the practical application of such a wonderful material like paper. As mentioned earlier, its potential truly endless, and every day can be opened in traditional techniques of working with it new developments. You can not just make interesting and original crafts out of paper, but real sculptures and lamps, which will be a highlight to any interior. These man-made masterpieces give as private and public interiors a special unique charm and make it cozy.

Dolls made of papier-mache

Modern young sculptors, with true French chic combining several techniques of working with paper corrugated paper and papier-mache, created a romantic lighting. They are very similar to the work of the great French sculptor Degas and the Little Dancer and his sculptures by Rodin.


In the history of French culture left a trail famous Russian ballet of Diaghilev seasons. And decorative motifs inherent in Russian national costume, often used at present. Figure statues made of papier-mache decorated with the head of the ballerina native Russian kokoshnik. The pattern on the headdress and upper flounced skirt gently cut with scissors, a stapler and hole punched. This beauty is made with delights and perfectly complement any interior.


The skirt of each sculpture-lamp is made of a special kind of corrugated paper. The technique is simple enough. The skirt is formed on the glass cover, oval-shaped, glued to the upper torso figures made of papier-mache. The skirt can be decorated with lace ruffles and paper.


Most of the figures obtained translucently. And this gives a special flair turn lights on and creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Images of sculptures produced bright and colorful.


Such exotic and original lamps, dolls volume of special paper can be a highlight of the decor as one of the French restaurants and lounges library or in the theater. 


When the authors have inspired not only images of Russian dancers, theme series of works may be the famous “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. See how this sculpture-lamp similar to the Red Queen. Papier-mache surprisingly plastic material and it can be used to create a very colorful images.


And what a carefree white-eared rabbit or hare turns from paper. A thin wire frame is formed, which is then pasted over with tissue paper.


Using the technique of papier-mache, it lets realize any imagination and ideas. All you need to choose a glass mold, pick enough paper. Importantly, all performed by hand. Using a special glue, which is not difficult to cook at home, you can start making sculptures. Paste boil over medium heat, and it includes water and a few spoonfuls of starch. In order for your lamp has a nice not too bright light and set fire to the paper, it’s best to use a low-power light bulbs or LED lights are small.


The original chandelier in the style Pappa Long Stocking looks great in the nursery. Through the lampshade if sprouted tree branch and it nestled funny girl and a wonderful elephant climbs up a tree.


Made of papier-mache doll with lamps, which inflates the balloon – the lampshade, can illuminate the hallway of your apartment and create a fun atmosphere.


Original and funny fairy-tale motifs are present in almost every work of great masters. Here and surround flying man ball and a little naughty girl.


For example, these unusual works of authorship, we can learn to create their masterpieces, draw and generate ideas, develop creative and find practical application of his work.



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