The original fixtures from cans

The original fixtures from cans


Yes this is not the banks – it’s excellent for ceiling fixtures!


The text of the author.

Light and transparent – they can paint or wrap some floral Sisal … But how much can be done when the hand is a great material to work with! “Stop! – I thought. – What if somebody already invented such lamps? “I have a habit of checking the” parallel thinking “so quickly scored in Google:« lamp of empty cans from the PVA. ” I had no idea that the search engine is able to joke, but she joked: “Did you mean lights of the empty cans of beer?” Interesting thought … in the search engine source

And now – for the job!

Materials needed:

  • 2-3 cans of white glue;
  • cartridges, wire;
  • scissors, a sharp knife;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • bamboo cloth or straw ceiling tiles.


First, it is necessary to cut shears napkin into pieces the right size.


Further, a sharp knife to cut the upper part of the can with a lid.


On the basis of banks marker to circle the cartridge and a knife cut a circle.


The cartridge is easy to “twisted.” Remember, in such lamps are used only energy saving light bulbs.


Then, using a hot glue gun glue wipes banks.


To empty seats glue tape.


At this stage, you can see how it will glow. Wonderful!


You’re at the junction of the braid decorate wooden beads.


For security reasons, you need to holes for ventilation. It can be a little more, they would not be seen.


That’s it, the lamp is ready!


From ceiling tiles turned completely different light, too interesting.


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