”The sea” flower pot

”The sea” flower pot


What may be required for:

• Pot
• water-emulsion paints
• Gouache
• Brush №1, 3
• Sponge
• Containers for mixing paints, and more
• A glass of water (preferably cut from the top of a plastic bottle, then it is not a pity to throw away)
• Rag that, stained, you can would wipe his hands
Flower pot with the image of the seabed, or if you prefer, the aquarium, make a simple enough. All of us in childhood drawing fish, stones and plants.

The first phase of work – drawing the background. I he was white. Von is applied to the surface of the pat with a sponge – it is the most appropriate way as when applying paint falls flat, and the pot will not divorce, both from the brush. Before you begin painting, you have to wait a few minutes to paint is completely dry. Then cast a little paint into a separate container and mix with blue gouache – as a result should turn out at the same time gentle and bright blue color. This color should be applied wavy spots using a small piece of sponge.


The following colors – green, dark blue, light blue with a touch of purple – also applied to the pot the same way, just by changing the color of the sponge should be changed. The result should be something like a divorce in the blue-green color scheme. Dark blue color should be used very sparingly, in the bottom of the pot and even in some places, for emphasis.

Once the basic background of the picture has been taken, you can start painting the stones on the seabed. Stones need to draw brush strokes №3 light. They may be of various shapes and sizes, and, of course, of different colors. Besides those colors that were in the picture, I used brown mixed with white latex paint, and red. Once the stones are identified in the figure, you can take a bit more dark colors to make them stand out in some places along the edges and lighter colors – to glare.

Algae can be painted the same green paint that was used for the application background brush №3, but if in doubt, it is better to take №1 – picture get thinner and sharper. The curved line algae need somewhere to emphasize the dark blue paint to make it look bulkier.

The last stage of the drawing – fish. Goldfish that swim in my pot, resulting in mixing yellow watercolor white vodoemulsionkoy as yellow gouache I have not found myself. Before that there were attempts to get a yellow paint with a mixture of the base paint dry pigment is yellow, and that’s what I say – painted with dry pigments mixed. Oddly ask. So do not try to repeat the like – nothing will.

Without further ado, I just drew the company to the yellow fish and even red-brown, add emphasis on the edges of dark paint here and there painted plain white scales. The main thing – do not forget to draw the eyes and fins of fishes. Naturally, all these small parts are drawn with a fine brush.


Of course, if desired, at this figure may appear starfish and jellyfish, and sinks, but I felt that the fact that there will be enough to pass on a small pot picture seabed. I hope that you’ll have a bright beautiful pot, I wish you all good luck and inspiration.

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