The strips of fabric for woven fabric

The strips of fabric for woven fabric The strips of fabric for woven fabric

The strips of fabric for woven fabric

Remember, I recently published a post about making here such bags of denim strips? I found a great idea of making such a quick trim, already bent at the edges of the strips, oblique Beek, without the help of a special device. You need something that is at everyone in the house – Stationery knife! How this is done, see below. Generally, the use of such strips is very large. For example, strips of fabric – the so-called “border”, you need to finish when sewing blouses, dresses, napkins, tablecloths, and so on. By using such strips can be woven mat or a basket, can be used in the technique for manufacturing patchwork bags, comforters and pillows. I will not enumerate a lot of ideas. Previously, I had to make the strips by hand, basting needle and thread, then otparimvat and smoothes. In general, messing around with them a lot. And then such an idea! Great!


And we need here is a stationery knife. The smaller – have already received the rim


So, cut the fabric on the needed strips


Parse stationery knife


We take out the blades of the plastic housing


Take our strip is folded and sealed with thread tip


Insert the knife into the body of office


Stretching, helping


That’s it, the strip will exit the knife rovnenko already bent at the edges


Here is a

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And now – the most interesting) can not bathe with iron, and use curling irons, hair

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