Thread drawing

Thread drawing

Thread drawing – a simple and affordable way to image.

But his unpredictability attracts and fascinates. I want to multiply and spread ornately colored thread to get a fantastic picture. As if an invisible camera captures incredible movement lines and spots, created flair ghostly silhouette.

I want to introduce you, my friends, with this technique of drawing, I like doing it.

First of all, prepare everything you need:

– Two sheets of paper;

– The thread (not thin);

– Paints, brushes;

– The capacity of the water;

– Heavy book.


Method of drawing: Paint the thread and put it on paper sinuously so that the ends hanging down.


Close the second sheet. Cover with something hard, like a book. Lightly pressed, sharply pull the ends of the thread. Carefully remove the top sheet, trying not to move, not to blurry images. It turned out two of the same picture.


You can insert a picture in a frame and hang on the wall as a panel, to decorate your home. And you can dream up and to finish some elements to get a picture. Another option: to complement the image impression of the thread of a different color, but when the previous dry.


Here’s what happened to me. Do not judge too harshly, because I’m not an artist, but I like to do


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