Three-dimensional applications

Three-dimensional applications

Three-dimensional applications

Found on the Internet a picture of the sun, it was pleasant to me.
I’ll show how to make a simple three-dimensional applications.


In the pictures you see – draw, cut, pressed this ray of sunshine on the back pad komp.myshki. I colored cardboard density of 270 gr.
Of the remaining scraps cut two small pieces and glue them to the ray. Glue on a bright yellow color of cardboard and cut out.
Upssss !!!!!! Now look at my mistake. When pressed cardboard, it becomes thinner. And my taped trim stand out. I think that the first pasted scrap had also rolled on the mat, and the second paste without rolling. Well, that – that my lesson.


Clouds just stick to each other, without volume. Get four layers.
The sun of the two layers. The second round would have to cut a little more, it was convenient to stick rays. Under the sun Glue two more layers of cardboard scraps.
To rays did not hang in the air, made ​​from scraps of the substrate in four layers and glue for each ray.
Eyes cut and when it is pasted, remembered that I have finished, bought the eyes of different sizes .. ….


But so do other clouds, I think everything is clear here. This tool is pressed on the soft mat.
Sold – pen + five nozzles.


Doggie me this, also I liked very much. The picture from the Internet.
I just presented its individual Circuits and that’s what happened.



The dog seems larger, although the size of them is the same.



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