Tissue paper holder wall craft

Tissue paper holder wall craft

Tissue paper holder wall craft

Decorating walls make our home looks sweet. We can find so many things around us from which we can make decorative materials. Tissue paper holder is such a wonderful thing from which we can make a beautiful wall craft. 

Things we need are, tissue paper holder, scissors, a piece of cardboard, paints, glitters and glue.

Tissue paper holders are usually got in a cylindrical shape. Let’s make it oval by pressing it. Cut the tissue paper holder into small pieces ( oval bangles ). Take the cardboard, paint it with the desired colour. Arrange the oval tissue paper holder pieces  into a floral design and stick it over the cardboard with glue. Paint the design. Sprinkle the glitters inside the petals. Give colours according to your idea. Finally, you can give a border to the cardboard and decorate it. You can fix it on the wall to make your wall look stylish. 

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Courtesy: saranyajo.blogspot.in

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