Tools for screen painting

Tools for screen painting -Easy Craft Ideas

Tools for screen painting


Tools for applying paint over the stencil.

In the past, applying the paint through the slots of the stencil used a variety of devices: linen bags, sticks with wound on them with pieces of wool or wool, sponges, brushes and even potato slices.

Now usually use brushes, sponges and sprays; All this is easy to find on the market.


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Stencil Brushes.

Well-known and most frequently used tools for screen finish – a special brush. Classic screen brush has a round shape, it is dense, the light from the short bristles trimmed to exactly the same length. This design is needed to paint does not seep under the stencil edges. The quality depends on the properties of the brush bristle density, softness and smoothness.


Stubble premium keeps well and evenly distributes it. The design of the brush makes it suitable for any type of finish. Colouring turns transparent and smooth with circular motions and more intense and dense, if the paint is applied end, dashed strokes. During operation is useful to have on hand brushes of different types and sizes. Tougher used to create the background, softer – for halftones. Thick brush is used for large fragments, thin – small drawings.


Even beginners should use good quality brushes. Bristles should be soft and flexible, able to create an easy and transparent design. If the brush properly care, they will last for many years.

If we talk about the number of brushes for each colour requires a separate brush, but enough to start three or four pieces.

Sponges. Foam.

Brushes Foam sponge applicators and other synthetic materials allow to apply an even layer of paint (in the absence of a figure fine lines). These tools are used to create the background, then to carry out the final finishing brushes. Particularly useful in the dyeing sponge smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, or glass-ceramic, as well as when applied using a stencil.


1. Stamp brush.

On the other they are called: stencil brush, foam, foam sponges, brushes, sponges, brushes, swabs. There are different sizes and shapes.

Round brush-sponges.


Square brush-sponges.


Flat brush, sponge.


In their absence, you can use a sponge for washing dishes.

Homemade sponge. The lesson here …



For variety, you can set your Instrumentation acquire economic or car sponges different looseness, as well as natural sponge.

Natural sponges for painting.

High quality natural sponges will serve you a wonderful assistant for error correction and create interesting decorative effects.


You can try various cosmetic sponges.


Foam and cotton swabs. (wand)



Painted large flat surfaces (such as a cabinet or table), it’s best with a roller. Its size is selected depending on the size of the surface. The choice of rollers in DIY stores is large enough, so consult with a counselor, which one is more suitable for painting furniture acrylic paints.

For beginners it is recommended to use a roller, as when working with it easier to avoid paint runs. Drawing will look less artistic because he obtain a homogeneous (without shadows and colour transitions), but more accurate.



Roller consists of a roller and handle.


Varieties of rollers:

1. Foam roller simple (smooth).


2. The porous foam roller.

Such a foam roller can leave bubbles and NOT, areas.


3. Foam cushion decorative.


4. Paint roller with a small soft pile (eg velours ).


5. Paint roller fur.


6. Decorative (patterned) rubber roller.


7. Decorative (texture) rollers.




Aerosol paints are based on polymers or synthetic enamels. Their use is complicated by the fact that the spray head is often clogged with paint. To clean it, it is necessary to turn the can upside down and to press the button. After working out, you can use spray paint for all surfaces. These paints dry quickly.


Acrylic spray paint.


Easily accessible, automotive paint spray – a good choice for the development of screen technology. But working with them, it is necessary to protect the face mask, since the solvents used in these paints are toxic.


Bottle spray paint.

It is used to spray paint. For example: a diluted acrylic paint batik – in finished form. Read more here …


You can use a variety of spray bottles.

For example spray for flowers or bottles of spirits.


Electric or pneumatic gun.

Painted large objects can and using spray gun, which you can buy in the hardware store. But, I want to note that the furniture, painted with a brush, it looks more “alive” natural. The paint is deposited by spray, makes the surface look like plastic.


Spraying of paint using a toothbrush .




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