Topiary “Heart blossom”

Topiary "Heart blossom"

Topiary “Heart blossom.”


We would like to bring to your attention the process of manufacturing of interior decoration – “Topiary flowering heart”, which can be a great gift for any holiday and decorate the interior of the office, at home, cafe, salon or shop. Tree made from natural materials for a long time will retain its beauty and not wither. These bright and unusual trees can be an excellent alternative to a bouquet of fresh flowers.

For the manufacture of “Blooming Heart”, you will need:

1. Alabaster;

2. Lagurus pink and white;

3. Paint the three shades;

4. PVA glue;

5. Ceramic pot;

6. mug and spoon for breeding alabaster;

7. Sisal;

8. Lavender;

9. White twine;

10. Heart of foam;

11. Hot glue;

12. Shiloh;

13. Stabilized roses;

14. Pliers;

15. Lace;

16. The stems of artificial flowers.


Topiary “Heart blossom os som” step by step:

Make a hole at the heart of the Rose-heart with an awl. Then insert the stick and roses on hot glue. Strip the wire at the ends of stems with a pair of pliers and twist them together, thereby forming the stems.


Then the bare ends of the stems stick to the heart using hot glue. Obkleyte heart lagurusom, overlapping alternating pink and white flowers.


Paint pot and lace in different colors. After drying paint – glue lace to the pot with hot glue. At the bottom of the pot, place a piece of foam, it is necessary to pot at hardening plaster is not cracked. Spread the plaster in the water until the consistency of sour cream and pour the liquid into the pot. Secure the trunk in a pot. After hardening plaster – sisal paste using PVA glue.


Decorate the pot. Using hot glue stick remaining roses, branches lagurusa, lavender, and optionally other dried flowers, glue bow of twine.


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