Topiary of paper towels


to create such Topiary needed: paper towels, plastic ball, branch of a tree, plastic container, gypsum or plaster, adhesive titanium scissors, stapler, paper template circle, satin ribbons, nylon different widths; braid, lace, ribbons of beads, decorative elements (hearts); floral paper.


For the manufacture of tissue paper flowers pile up four times, in the middle of bonds with a stapler. Applied to the centre of the circle and swipe pattern cut with scissors. Each layer of tissue shrinks to the centre and then straighten. It turns out a flower. Topiary for doing such colours first 15-17 pieces in the process add more if needed.


In the centre of the ball and makes a hole insert branch – the basis Topiary ready. Bowl wrap pink cloth held together by a thread – flowers easier to glue on a napkin, and blue ball will not be visible in the finished product.
Flowers paste the circle. Space left between the colours, fill with all sorts of bows ribbons, hearts, lace. For planting a tree make a solution of gypsum: gypsum breed water in a plastic cup. A certain proportion do not hold, the solution should be thick cream. Immediately post the solution in pots, as gypsum tends to freeze quickly. Wood put in pots, the first 10-15 minutes to adhere until slightly harden plaster. Until dry plaster takes at least a day.


Tree trunk, I threw the tape and tape from the beads. As pots use a plastic container. Wrapped her floral corrugated paper and tied with lace braid. Bottom pots (bed plate) I also papered with a circle of the same paper. At the foot of the tree pasted the same flowers from napkins, among them added ribbons, beads. The final touch – tied bow of satin ribbon on a tree trunk. All – Topiary of tissues ready.


As you can see, everything is very simple, affordable, cheap, and the result – there! Try it and you will have an exclusive on all occasions.