Traditional kerala mangalsutradesigns with images

Traditional Kerala Mangalsutra Designs with Images

India is a land of diversity. Different states of India have different cultures and wedding styles. In this article, we shall travel down south to the “God’s own Country” to explore the amazing variety of Kerala Mangalsutra designs. In Kerala, the groom ties a holy thread of matrimony around the bride’s neck. This is called the “Thaali” or “Elagu Thaali”. While the concept is similar across the state, the designs of these Mangalsutras keep changing, as per their belief system. In a land where Muslims, Hindus and Christians, co-live in harmony, it is an amazing experience to learn about the various styles of Thaali Bottus of the state.

Features and Importance of Kerala Style Mangalsutra Designs:
Read on to explore some of the prominent features of Kerala Mangalsutras.”

Kerala Mangalsutras are made with a long chain, with a pure gold pendant.
The Syrian Muslims of Kerala use a black beaded Mangalsutra, which is similar to that of Northern India.
In the Hindu community, a chain called “Ela Thali” is used, where “Ela” means leaf and “Thali” is the gold disc.
The “Ela” has an inscription of Om or other Hindu religious symbols on it.
In Christian communities, a gold beaded cross, called the “Minnu” is used. It is hung on to the bride’s neck using seven threads from her silk saree.
Latest And Beautiful Kerala Mangalsutra Designs For Wedding:
Here are the best Kerala Mangalsutra Designs for Women in trend.


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