How to transfer the image on the tile

We all know with you that the tiles on which transferred image- beautiful decor, still life, flowers, ornament- is much more expensive. And imagine if, for example, in the bathroom or kitchen apron will be posted photos of your favorite baby, yes, even a photo of the place surrounded by nature where you were shocked by its splendor?  Then study the master class, because change is coming in your interior 


To solve this problem you need to tile, tissue paper, laser printer, tape and knowledge to undertake this work, you will get there



First of all you need a good quality picture, 9 pieces of tile light-colored, 10 x 10 cm, 5 sheets of paper for the printer, 5 strips of tissue paper 10 x 20 cm, scissors, glue, decoupage, brush and of course computer with a laser printer.


PS-картинка ready.jpg

First you have to select the photo., In which you will not cut off vital parts (such as eyes) in the future.
I select the part of the photo you want to use and cut out of it a square, move into a new document in which you can: change the size of images to 30cmx30cm. Desaturate the image. Change brightness and contrast until you get the desired result, you can use a brush to get rid of unwanted image in the background. You can completely change the picture. And as we all asymmetrical faces, the photos must be transferred to the mirror image.


Divide the image into smaller elements
To print a document, you will have to walk a few extra steps. Make a line on the edited photo at 10 and 20 cm. This is just to make the next step easier if you have difficulty, you can skip eto.Vyrezhte squares between the lines. Cut 0.5 cm from the line! Otherwise you will get a distorted face in the end ,. Then each square will have 9 cm in each direction. Place the squares in the selected 5 new documents, you get 2 in each, except the last one, which will have only one square. If necessary, rotate the image, to comfortably accommodate them for printing.

папиросная бумага-glued.jpg
все pictures.jpg

We will print the images on the cigarette paper. To take the tissue paper printer, it is necessary
these strips 10 x 20 cm tissue paper attached to the middle of the office printer paper two-sided adhesive stripes. Do not use a tape of the total length, as it will melt in your laser printer and make the whole process useless. Print Document 5 of 5 pieces of tissue paper


Once you get raspechatki- carefully cut pieces of squares. It is better to cut a special ustanovochkoy, about which I have often said. You’re glue decoupage glue tissue paper on the tiles.
Caused glue evenly on the tiles, put a picture and a first smoothing hands, roll further squeegee. Once the glue is dry, glue the top promazhte picture.


If you want a more blurred image, then attach a picture depicting vniz.No in this case to mirror it on a computer is not necessary.

Use this technique can be for wall decor, or simply for the location in the frame as a picture.


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