Tree of wishes – in the shadow of the good and sincere words

Wedding party, birthday party, children’s party, meeting old friends … Wedding anniversary, last call, new home … How to make the holidays especially vivid and memorable? What is the original game you can think of at the wedding ?! Best of all is that not only will please the guests and the newlyweds, but also will be remembered for many years. What people remember about your wedding? It’s not much, most of the official. Sometimes the memories end in that moment, when to uncork the first bottle of champagne … But let’s not talk about sad things. You can do much more useful things than the meal and a drink, but no less fascinating. For example, to make an unusual wedding tree. And if, for example, birthday must somehow collect the wishes of all the guests and relatives together, there will Tree wishes.

And what are these trees? This picture, which create skilled craftsmen from . Each of these paintings depicts a large tree, and instead leaves him – the fingerprints of those who leave their wishes. Plenty of room for creativity and imagination, the pleasure of joint activities, allowing you to enjoy the creative process across the company at once – and the result is ready to unique, unmistakable and unique souvenir for the hero of the occasion.


Does not that original idea? Fingerprints and really like the leaves, and because the colored paint, the similarity increases. First, the tree leaves are absent.


And then everyone puts their fingerprint, and gradually leaves begin to appear. Thus, the tree puts foliage prints.


Putting the mark, it is necessary to sign your name and write it directly to your request. When each guest to do so, the tree will be a lot of leaves, and a lot of wishes.


To put each print was good, you can work out in a separate, “cheerful” leaflet


After that you can safely put their imprint on the twig of the tree, to sign a leaf, and the wish is ready.


Tree species wishes – Wedding tree. On it leave their wishes, leaves all the guests and relatives who participated in the celebration. First, such a tree without leaves, too.


Each guest then puts its mark, and, leaving the desire, sign your leaf. Tree foliage gradually acquires newlyweds wishes.



What is the size of the canvas with a picture? It is equal to the format A3, or 297 x 420 mm + on each side for 30-40 mm frame size. In a standard “Wish Tree” A3 can accommodate 50-60 prints. If you have an event expected to more than 60 guests, it makes sense to order a “wish tree” larger, for example A2. Otherwise, if the standard amount will be retained 70 or more prints, the picture will turn into a large “blob”. Many requests require a large tree. Let the foliage grows in plenty!

The paint that is used to print, do not fade in the sun, and always retain its brightness. When applied to the printout, it is almost all remains on paper and fingers to easily scrub normal tissue.

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