How to turn a small tube of fabric

Often used in the works of fabric strips that after sostrachivaniya very difficult to unscrew.

This small master class pokazanbystry and easy way eversion tube of fabric.

small tube of fabric

Take a tube, hooked to one side of the pin:

small tube of fabric

And drop the pins inside the head tube, like so:

Now promote pin down tube begins to mate:


We promote the pin on the edge and lead the tube to the inside of the pin:


Tightens and wrinkles are aligned tube begins to turn out:


Now again we promote pin down, and again we get wrinkles:


Wrinkles are smoothed and the fabric turned inside on:

small tube of fabric

Tip: do not type a lot of folds, so difficult to turn out the fabric:

small tube of fabric

It is better to move in small steps: the collected-pulled.
Continue until all of twisting tubes:

small tube of fabric

In fact, this process takes less time than the description)


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