Twigs decoration

Twigs decoration

Twigs decoration


Last year, my neighbors to testify cut bird cherry, and I took the opportunity to chose the smooth branches and put them a big bunch close to home. In the evenings I shears cut them into small pieces. I have often talked about the benefits of monotonous actions: do the job, you can listen to music or to think in silence, in such moments come to mind new ideas and thoughts, in any case – this is a useful holiday. Freshly cut cherries delicious smells, and a few weeks the house was filled with air dizzying aroma.


But it’s the lyrics, let’s get down to business. Make small round pots. This requires:

– The old ceiling

– PVA glue

– Old newspapers and paper

– Hot glue gun

– Chopped shears or other branches of bird cherry tree.

Using old plastic ceiling in the shape I made papier-mache. For this we need to stick to the ceiling first three layers of pieces of paper moistened with water to subsequent layers of paper are not stuck to a lower dome. Then stick the six or seven layers, moistened with white glue.


Paper and paper should be alternated to have better views of the layers, and you do not confuse them. After that it is necessary to dry the product, – a day or two. Then, stationery knife to cut the ball into equal parts, remove the bowl and bowl again glue


Next, using a hot glue gun you need to paste the shape, starting with the bottoms, chopped pieces. I did it after the last pots snow cyclone in Sakhalin, in the streets everywhere were broken branches of larch, that’s one of them caught on well in pots.


If put into a small glass of water, you can place it in a composition of flowers.


From this simple, affordable, environmentally friendly material, you can make a clock in the house.


This requires a round base, long branches, clockwork with arrows and a little imagination.

8 (1)

You can make a small picture of floristic or another pots interesting shapes.


To create such pots, I use a paper tube, which remained from the promotional materials. The pipe must be sawn into two pieces of cardboard cut and paste the side walls to the base.


Next, seal all the chopped branches. This planter can create a composition of dried flowers, of flowers, Easter or Christmas. Try to make and hang it on the window – will be very beautiful and festive – seasonal.


Of course, it’s very hard work, but believe me, she should do: things made of natural materials possess a special power of attraction, and in the house of them cozy and comfortable.


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