Types of adhesives for crafts

Types of adhesives for crafts

Types of adhesives for crafts

If you had doubts at this point, now I tell you the types of glue that you can find to make crafts. We see basic that can never be lacking among our craft materials and then we will see more specific you can find on the market.


Before we begin, I tell them that all opinions can read here are unique . Many of them based on my experience. You will see some brands that I used and that I liked, but if looking for more in their craft stores known find another wide range of brands. They have not given me the products or have paid me for review. Therefore, I hope all the advice and ideas that can give them useful.

The world of adhesives is super wide. Find a variety with different uses and advantages that we can take advantage when doing crafts. And as you know, you can not miss among our materials adhesives! They are a staple for hundreds crafts and purpose of this list it is that they can know exactly which one to use and buy to make their craft work. They must not forget to always read the instructions and use of each before using them.

To begin, I will mention 7 basis should not miss on your desktop. They are: 1- Liquid silicone, silicone or hot glue 2-, 3- Glue stick, glue 4- or common white-tailed, 5- universal glue, spray adhesive 6-, 7- instant glue . We see more detail each.

1-Liquid silicone


Also they called cold silicone. We can do lots of things with it. It has the advantage that it is easier to use than hot glue or silicone. It is ideal for use by children, always with our supervision. It should always be tightly covered to prevent drying. If you ask me, must be always among our materials. We can use paper, fabric, cardboard, foam board, fine wood, felt, cork. Keep in mind that does not support too much weight. And it is easy to clean. Brands, there are hundreds!

2- silicone or hot glue


Another way in which it is known is hot melt glue. For this we need the gun for silicone. It is easy to use but can burn. It is not recommended for children. It is a very effective work and serves for materials such as felt, wood, wool, fabric, foamy, plastics, among other glue. Resists very well over time. You will find many brands, but it is very important to have a good gun to glue avoid losing constantly. Read instructions how to use it.

3- Glue stick


A classic that everyone knows and that, surely, you stole their material your little school on occasion! 🙂 It is special for the kids and is another of those glues that we must always have on hand. We can get the normal and ones that come free ph neutral or acid that are special to work on scrapbooking and photographs. You can use glue stick together but can sometimes damage the pictures. Ideal for paper, cardboard, origami and some types of tapes. It is easy to use, dries fast, is not toxic and its use in the paper does not make it to curl and causing no damp. But it does not support much weight. Brand choice!

4- Glue or common white glue


This glue is a classic school use. Highly resistant to paper, cloth and cardboard, and other materials. And especially for kids because it is not toxic. It is good to use in decoupage crafts, papier mache, foamy, etc. It’s easy to clean and handle and water soluble. But the disadvantage, keep in mind that does not hold much weight and can undulate as it generates paper moisture. A not forget in their boxes of materials! You can save several times! The brand, which they like, anyone will be fine.

5- universal glue


I love this glue! A transparent multipurpose we can use for hundreds of things. With it we can stick plastics, wood, cloth (that will not wash), cork, cardboard, paper, and even small metal parts quickly and efficiently. Kids can use it, but always with supervision. Cleaning is not as simple as has been stuck in places like fabrics. But in most of the areas we have time to remove it before it dries. Marks … which like most. I used a lot UHU.

6- Glue Spray


This is one of the glues that once you discover and use … can never miss you. It is best that come various types and brands. Some special acid-free papers and more multipurpose. The glue against this: be careful! The kids can not use it alone ever! It is a flammable glue and to apply must do so in a well ventilated area. It is very resistant and is used for cardboard, cloth, metal, plastic, wood, paper, etc. It is ideal when we corners or spaces that can not easily get to apply glue. Another tip I can give you with this glue is to cover the work surface before doing so, this will prevent staining and left us all sticky.

7- instant glue

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This glue will be very useful in many occasions. It is very strong, glue instantly and is ideal for wood, ceramic, metal, porcelain, leather, plastic, cardboard, etc. Especially for small parts. Paste permanently and we can find liquid and gel. It is also waterproof. If we have to clean it remains usually need acetone. Must be used carefully because it is toxic, it can stick to human skin and then is difficult to remove. I do not recommend it for kids, even with supervision. One of the well known brands is SuperGlue and UHU, but many more equally good and strong.

Well, so far I told them the basics. Those who personally think that should always be on hand to do all sorts of crafts. But there is another wide range of useful also adhesives. I’ll tell you about some of them … if you know more do not forget to tell me!

A. Double Sided Tapes : ideal for gluing paper, a classic scrapbooking. B. Foamy adhesive : can get into strips or small plates. Widely used in the scrap. C. Jewelery glue : this specific adhesive, it is very useful for this type of work. It is a very strong contact adhesive which can be used with multiple materials according to the instructions of its package. One well-known and very good is the E6000 can also use it for all jobs. D. Adhesives or glue to decoupage and some varnish-glue : very useful for when we apply this technique. Some of the best known brands such as Mod Podge (which I love and have tried several of them), we can find a wide variety of them for different uses. They are very good and I think it’s worth having them. Then I will tell you more about them. E. Adhesive drops or points : very useful for when we lock paper. F. Glue sheet : you can replace spray adhesive for some jobs, especially paper. G. Special adhesives for pictures : if you go to work or smash scrap books can be very useful. H. Glitter glue : Special glue containing and brilliantine or brightness of colors. They can use the kids and it’s great to decorate. I. Carpenter’s glue : A glue or white glue stronger, that we can give much use and even dilute to decoupage. J. Epoxy glues : usually come in two parts that must combine and form a paste which cures takes quite hard. It is special for crockery, glass, ceramic, plastic and more. When cured it can be sanded and painted. Some use it to make beads for jewelry. It is highly resistant to water and heat. But be careful because it is toxic, flammable and difficult to clean.

Well, here comes my list … saw many glues there !!! But do not forget the basics! With them will be ready to do crafts.

I hope they have been useful this special glues and now know what to wear in every occasion. Be encouraged to try them!

Courtesy: guiademanualidades.com

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