Ultra cool dupatta design ideas to try now

Ultra cool dupatta design

If you are an ethnic fashion lover, chances are you will have tons of dupatta that comes with salwar, kurtas, lehengas, floor-length suits, etc.

Do you wear them as it is?

If so, hear us out, you are missing a great fun.

No matter how embellished your dress, if your dupatta lacks that spark, then as a layering piece, it is going to hide all the glorious work on your outfit.

The fact that we wear dupatta for all our outfits only makes the situation worse. Imagine wearing a gorgeous lehenga with zardozi work blouse, only for a not-so-exciting dupatta to swallow the artistic detail. Yes, the dupatta can let your outfit down.

At the same time, if you get good work done on it, it is going to effortlessly elevate even your imperfect dress. Wearing a striking dupatta on a simple suit would any day make your outfits stand out.

Dupatta Design

Do you get the significance of wearing the right dupatta?

If you have been making the mistake of not giving the apt importance to this piece of cloth, then read ahead to find all the fascinating ways to get your dupatta embellished.

And most of them are just DIY. You don’t even need to empty your wallet to make your boring dupatta look attractive.

Dupatta Design

By taking that extra attention, you can save any fashion disaster raised out of your dupatta. Without wasting time, let’s dive and find out what they are!

Pom Poms
The colorful pom is a great way to make your dupatta catchy. Especially your daily wear kurtas and cotton salwar need something understated, yet stylish, enough to look good on your dress. That’s when you need to seek the help of colorful pom poms.

Dupatta DesignBorder
If your dupatta is simple, plain, or hopelessly blunt, the do the favor by getting an attractive border for it. Mirror, lace, floral and other countless readymade borders are available readily in the shop to serve this purpose

Dupatta Design

Gotta Patti Work
If you have access to exclusive boutiques nearby your home, see to that your dupatta gets the ravish gotta Patti work done on it. This sort of work gives a stunning look to your cloth, so you don’t have to worry about your next festive day.

Dupatta DesignPatch Work
Patchwork is nothing but sewing together different fabric/patterns thereby creating a unique design on your outfit. It is very popular in sarees and blouses. You can get the same on your dupatta too.

Dupatta DesignZari Work
Even if other work sounds too much for a dupatta, still you can go ahead and get a zari work border as below. Most of the time, this simple detailing is enough to highlight your daily wears in an alluring way.

Dupatta Design

If you have silk or tissue dupatta, opt for chic tassel adornments. It is going to make all your festive wear hopelessly adorable. Either you can opt for the same hue tassels or other contrasting colors for a loud dupatta style.

Dupatta DesignHand Paintings
Can you draw? Okay even if you not, but one of your cousins or friend can do it for you, then you can literally convert all your dupatta to timeless pieces by opting for hand paintings like below.

Dupatta Design

Dupatta DesignEmbroidery
We all know how amazing a dress can get with cute embroidery designs. More than your blouses and sarees, it is the dupatta that should have this gorgeous work. Colorful embroidery on a plain dupatta can make it look divine. Proof is below

Dupatta DesignPhulkari Embroidery
It is a kind of embroidery floral embroidery technique from Punjab. This embroidery on your dupatta can make all your kurtas and salwars so colorful.

Dupatta DesignMirror Work
Throw in few sparkling mirrors on your plain dupatta, it will instantly infuse a cool look to your dress. All college goers should have at least one mirror work dupatta.

Dupatta DesignSequin Work
If you like to wear your salwar for parties, but you feel that your dress is not party-ready, then style it with a sequin work dupatta. Even the dullest of the outfit is going to look regal with an aid of sequins.

Dupatta Design

Net Dupatta
Net, the delicate fabric is so sassy to wear as a layering cloth. Even these net dupattas can have embroidery and chic borders so it can complement your festive wear.

Dupatta Design

So dear friends, don’t wear dupattas as it is. Especially when you feel that your dupatta is hiding the beauty of your outfit. Make it stand out. When you notice that you can do so much with your dupattas, your outfit has no choice but to look a stunner.

courtesy: keepmestylish

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