Unusual jewelry box from a plastic cup

Unusual jewelry box from a plastic cup. If Crocheting is your favorite activity, the idea is for you! Create decor from the outside of the yarn the most economical option, because each has a needlewoman “reserve balances”, part of which can serve as a material for finishing. No rhinestones, expensive vintage fabrics or tapes. Only available and commonly used items for a beautiful design your option!
290 291 292
The basis for this box served as an ordinary plastic packaging from sour cream. Since 500 gram glass of very high, we had to shorten it a bit. As the material for the new floor is fine and cardboard, which can fix double sided tape.
Bottom Measure out 6 cm and make a mark around the perimeter of the circle. Then these points “collect” a solid line.
295 296
From the bottom of the hole and make the side of the cut to the mark, and then completely remove the unnecessary plastic.
297 298 299
New bottom draw out on cardboard and cut out (required clothed this circle squared).
301 302
Then make frequent incisions along the circle and the cardboard Fold the top (leaving the white side inside).
303 304
Positioning the cardboard better joint top jars, because outside these projections will be much easier to disguise than inside (and decor boxes embossed, so perfectly smooth surface is simply not needed here).
To connect the lower and upper part of the lower edge of the stick on top of the strip of adhesive tape (around the outer perimeter of the plastic) and mount it on the sly cardboard pieces.
305 306 307
Each “kartoninu” leans carefully and smooth the surface of the adhesive. It is important to do this consistently, superimposing them one after the other, not to get bulky and messy.

308 309

And hide the “cardboard seams” and at the same time remove all the colored labels to help ordinary sheet of white paper.
310 311 312 313 314
In the same way to whitewash and cover future box.
315 316
Decorate the inside of the product can be any tissue. I, for example, chose a small ornament on the old net curtains (more textured embossed pattern), which again is still pasted using double-sided tape.
317 318 319
The bottom is decorated with other items already, but in this series, so all the interior decoration has turned in the same style.
321 322 323 324
All upper inner bumps perfectly hide white Delicate lace.
325 326 327
After finishing inside is fully completed, safely proceed to the outdoor decor.
From the selected yarn knit chain (the required number of air loops define at the circumference of base) and collect in the ring.
329 330
The product is knit “bumps” pattern, repeating every fragment of 2 loops.
Knobs is a 6 bars 2 nakida, vyvyazannye from one loop. A feature of these columns is that initially each of them dovyazyvayut to the end and closed at the end, and all at once.
331 332 333
Between each additional lump vyvyazyvayut 3 air loop.


The next series of knobs knit from the yarn of a different color, placing them in a checkerboard pattern (in the second loop of the intermediate chain of the previous row).
At a predetermined height of the walls were 5 rows of pattern. Then it whole cloth just put on the bank.
339 340
The decor cover has two phases: winding and attaching the side margins of the knitted blanks on the upper plane.
Boca cover tape and wound on 3 rows of each yarn (yarn to keep pace with the future impact on the cover, they can miss the mark with white glue).
341 342 343 344
The top element to the outside of the cover fit circular knitting (3 to collect it dry in the ring and knit a column without nakida). This circle knit on a special, dividing it into two color zones (from the inside pull another thread, and continue to further binding.) Circular knit 5 whole series, do a series of knobs (on a pink background – purple thread, on the contrary pink, purple).
After a complete series of cones knit edging the final article. / B. n all in the same mode, the color change.
The finished piece is better to iron (required by the wet gauze) so that the edges are not wrapped and evenly cover the surface.
At this time, tight knit blank can not hold on an adhesive tape, so it is best to stick it with adhesive polymer.
348 349 350
This adhesive does not damage the yarn and, after drying and remains colorless.
351 352
Excellent turned box, and most importantly durable, practical and smooth (factory blank in this regard, better self-made). Attached materials did not affect its ability to tightly closed. Advanced jar can become indispensable “keeper” of your jewelry or just a beautiful accessory bedroom.
353 354
courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina
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