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Unusual postcard

Unusual postcard

Doggies Card


Materials :

  • Letter size sheets in white colour, blue, yellow, orange and red card stock
  • Pieces of white and black paper cutters to make the eyes or furniture eyes.
  • Glue
  • ruler



1) Download the PDF model, open it and follow the instructions on the template to print on your card.
2) Score and cut all the pieces as shown in the model. I use a ruler and the back of my * craft knife (not the sharp side) to score. You can also use a table knife to score. Keep extra parts uncut to make a opposite color card later!
3) Cut the piece of white cardstock in half so that you have two pieces that are 14cm x 22cm. Fold them in half. You will use one for this card and have an extra to make another card later.


4) sticking tongue on the ear piece. Note the writing is facing up on the ears and face down on the tongue.


5) Paste the half circle to the bottom part of the blue, with the bottom edge. Note the text is face down on both sides


6) Insert the tongue through the slot in the back.


7) Put glue only on the top and sides of the text side of the head and centre, close to the top edge of the blue.



8) Cut two white circles 2.5 cm and 1.5 cm black doisas. Make eyes pasting the black over white. Then paste eyes completed in, given that they are in a location that is hidden by the ears when they are folded.


9) Use a template to draw a nose piece on black paper with pencil. Cut it out and glue on the face.


10) Fold the blue side flaps to the back and fold them well.


11) Add glue to the back side of each of the tabs then sticks to the front of the card made ​​in step 3. It is easier to add the card to the back of the dog, instead of the opposite but do not forget that you have to open the card on the correct side.



12) Open the card and fold the yellow tab between the ears and glue it to the cover of the card.


13) Test the ear action! Pull the tongue down and see the ears turn up! Push the tongue inside and ears can double down.


14) Using a gel pen or fine paint brush (not a permanent marker – those can bleed through your paper), add the word “pull” into the language of the bottom, which shows when the ears are putting down. Add a message to the inside of the ears if you want, for example:


Ready! Your dog card ears cub is now complete! Write a note on the inside of the card and send a little silly puppy love in the mail. This card fits in an envelope 13 x 718cm.

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