How to use round loom cap

crochet cap

How to use round loom cap

While we are here with a round loom, it does not share with earlier than the circular shape, and the way in which we will weave it differs markedly from those. In the loom is woven brings fashion classic loom, ie, tending first warp and weft weaving below.

round loom cap

The first thing you do before you start knitting will make a mark in one of the nails and then the spot you are right in front of it (the antipode).

crochet cap (2)

We will lazadita and will tie in the first nail mark.

crochet cap (3)

We thread back toward the back of the loom, the facing, left again forward and wrap the second nail mark.

crochet cap (4)

crochet cap (5)

Back-back-back, we crossed the backside, went forward and wrap the nail right we scored first.

Likewise, always passing the thread behind, we went ahead and wrap the thread spot on the left of that mark in second place.

If we put a little attention, we note that both the nails of one hand, and on the other side, the rotation direction we follow is the same: the clockwise.

crochet cap (6)

In this way, we will continue wrapping each nail to have them all covered.
In the next picture, we see the front of the loom (the side with nails)

crochet cap (7)

And here we see the back side (the one without nails) with the warp in the form of rays.

crochet cap (8)


In principle, we begin by the back face weaving loom, ie which does not have nails.

We take a sewing needle wool (the bigger the better) and the same wool enhebraremos we were using (or another if we want a different effect). The thread to place the needle should be long enough for us to reach for a few laps, but not enough to tangle.

I used to wool for the photo, so that they stand out on the red warp.

With threaded needle, we will take a “ray” above and one below. Repeat this procedure until complete at least about 10 laps, always in the same direction and in a spiral. Pay attention to the beam in a turn take down, in the next round should be taken up and vice versa.
If the wool needles us over, and begin again the enhebraremos interior where strand was completed, linking both with a little knot.

Consider that we are seeing the face corresponds to the inner beret and after completion of the work, the emprolijaremos hiding the little knots to make it look better.

crochet cap (9) crochet cap (10)

Completed the first few laps, our work should look like in the next picture. (The difference seen in the texture of the point, is that I made a few turns taking 4 rays above and 4 below, but do not advise them to do so if you are just starting out)

crochet cap (11)

The rest is very simple because it is basically repeat what was said so far, but with a caveat that we will see below.
So far, we were weaving spiral. From the first 10 laps, let’s change this and instead, will weave as follows:

Taking a reference beam, we do a spin. When we arrived the previous beam that when we started, we turn around and go back the way we came. We repeat this in the rest of the turns. This procedure will be generating an opening, without which, once completed the work, we could not get her out of the loom.

crochet cap (12)

When we reached the edge of the loom with our fabric, we turn to the loom and, in the same way, we did before, began to weave from the nails to the outside edge. At the edge, our work is completed screening. HOW CLOSE
We introduce the crochet hook at the point nail one end (where the aperture is) and took a loop. Again introduce the needle in the adjoining nail, we took another loop of the additional wool and then close the two loops together. We repeat with the next nail and the rest.
When we close the points of the nails it is important to note that this closure should be the measure of the circumference of the head who use beret. If it is too tight will go ridges interspersed between the points close to giving freely.

If, however, the problem is that is too loose, proceed in the same manner, using additional wool, but when we finished close, do a runoff, shrinking to get some points as necessary.

We can only drawloom weaving, sewing the opening and tidying knots inside.

crochet cap (13) crochet cap (14)


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