Valentine card designs

Valentine card designs

Valentine card designs

Preview 4 Valentine card designs has beautiful and easy to do

With this card templates, you do not have the dexterity that beauty can still be offline!

1. Cards twisted paper heart:

Material : coloured cardboard, Paper Quilling, scissors, glue, wrap Quilling tool (can be replaced by bamboo chopsticks)


How do :

– Doubling the red plate with paper, draw a heart in the folded edges and cut out, forming two hearts joined together.

– Cut lengthwise tassels Quilling paper strips, then rolled back to the flower. You make paper flowers around 15-17 it this way!

– Put the flower border around the edge of the paper onto the card heart. Roll paper pink heart stickers inside is more complete.

2. Greeting Cards 3D heart:

Raw materials : cardboard white, red, scissors, needles, just, paper knives bear


How do :

– Cut into 1 white cardboard 10x20cm rectangle then double business card. Cut one square cut edges in a face card 8cm. Cut into 2 red cardboard heart with smaller squares were cut on the cards.

– Use a small hole in the needle 2 2 heart, forcing the thread connecting small heart inside a large heart.

– Insert the two small holes in the middle of the fold of white card. You insert thread in column 2 hearts 2 holes. You will notice that the heart soup in a square frame of the card is.

3. Cards chemical vials love :

Raw materials : cardboard white, red, sequin beads, glue


How do :

– Cut into 2 white cardboard rectangles of the same size. At 1 cards, you cut the bottle shape in the middle, in the remaining panels you highlighted in red in the middle, coincides with the position gouged shaped bottle.

– Put the beads sequin red coloring on paper plates, positioned near the bottom of the bottle. Next, paste paper plate was cut to form the bottle of red paint on paper plates.

– Cut the cardboard into 1 red rectangle size double rectangular white, white paper plates and stickers shaped jar on top of the card.

4. Heart Classic Card:

Material : white cardboard, newspaper, red felt cloth, cord lace, scissors, glue



– Cut into 1 white cardboard rectangles, then doubled back to the card.

– Light brown Paper Cut into squares the size of half of the card, then a pitcher for the slightly creased to create wrinkles. Cut into 1 square newspapers are smaller than 1 cm brown paper. Cut into 1 felt cloth red heart-shaped small.

– Cut into 1 wire lace up short and pasted between sheets of brown paper. Paste red heart on the middle plate notice.

– Finally, you notice pasted plate onto the paper plate brown, brown paper plates and paste onto another card is finished.

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