Vase for dried flowers

Vase for dried flowers

After reviewing the work of different artists, I wanted to try to mold from salt dough.
I decided to combine the two ideas. Make a vase with a bobbin from a roll of paper used. And decorate it grapevine cobbled together from salt dough.


At work, I remain of the bobbin rolls of paper used. So I decided to put them into action.


The materials that I used:
– Bobbin from the roll of paper used;
– Sponge;
– PVA glue;
– Instant glue “Liquid Nails”;
– White acrylic paint (interior);
– Acrylic paint (art);
– Sandpaper;
– Masking tape;
– Brush;
– Putties, acrylic on wood;
– Acrylic lacquer (furniture);
– Stencil;
– Spatula;
– Eggshell.


For salt dough I used this recipe:
The dough for fine work.
– 300 g – flour;
– 200 g of salt;
– 4 tbsp. l. glycerin (available at drugstores);
– 2 tbsp. l. wallpaper glue simple + 125-150 ml water.
Getting Started.
1. from bobbin paper roll, I cut the hacksaw 50 cm. Then, from the remnants of the laminate cut out a circular base . Feather edges blanks sandpaper


Degreased with alcohol circular blank by gluing point “Liquid Nails” glued both blanks together. Wait until they are together The bond.
Then round billet plastered masking tape and bobbin primed with two coats of white acrylic paint (interior). Paralonovym apply paint with a sponge. With drying between coats. When acrylic paint is dry, sanding bobbin nazhdachkoy that she would become a relatively smooth. After sanding is required to erase the remnants of dust with a slightly damp cloth.


2. Then proceed to staining our vases.
Pick up, mixing white acrylic paint (interior) with acrylic paints (art) the desired color and painted with a sponge full bobbin into two layers, the stand does not stain, leaving it natural. After drying again sanded, wiped the dust and removed the masking tape.
3. We make a baguette on the top edge of the vase.
In putties add a bit of white glue and water to give a structural paste. Attach the stencil and palette knife apply acrylic putty. Carefully remove the stencil and give the putty dry.


When the plaster is dry again impose a stencil and paint the gold paint. Carefully remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry. The upper edge vases we’ve got a baguette. On a vase finished his sight.


4. Now proceed to the stucco of salt dough.
Flour, salt and glue mix, slowly add water and knead the dough. Glycerin is added during kneading. The dough is well mixed, the dough should not be too thick or Bat soft it must be flexible. Divide the dough into pieces and painted with acrylic paint in the desired color.
What would you need to paint a piece of dough and flatten the dough to drip paint on it, then thoroughly be stirred to obtain a uniform color. For branches and tendrils painted in brown color. For leaves and grapes in green. And for one species of grape in Bordeaux. When dry dough color coloring fades. But that’s OK, because the leaves and everything else we will decorate.
From stiff paper I cut templates grape leaves of different sizes and shapes.


Roll out the dough thinly layer (2-3 mm), enclose the templates and cut them leaves. Toothpick do veins and gives the sheet a different shape.
For branches and tendrils thinly rolled dough just Rulik, give the necessary form and immediately pasted on the PVA glue to the vase.
Grapes – rolls balls of different diameter and glued to the vase, putting in a bunch.
All parts of grapes I fashioned, shape, spread, and stuck on the adhesive immediately. This process took me a few days, because all items been drying directly on the vase. In order that would put the branch of grapes on the reverse side of the vase should wait until the previous dry.
The process of drying out the details on the vase I chose because that soft dough easier to shape what parts you need and lay out on a rounded shape vases as you like. The longest has been drying grapes from the large mass of dough.
The dough is dry, if when tapped produces a ringing sound.
5. When all the parts were glued grapes and dried between them I did crackle of the eggshell.


To do this, washed and peeled from the inner shell of the film is well dried. Then apply PVA glue places where the shell will stick, and apply a small pieces, presses that they cracked. Spreading them together. When the shell is adhered to and dries, cover again with white glue. Crackle ready.
6. Now that everything is glued, proceed to prettification vine. It is a matter of taste. You can take any picture with the image of grapes on it and decorate.
I have an airbrush, so I paint the leaves and grapes them, and twigs and brush mustache. When all decorated covering the entire vase several times with acrylic lacquer.
The vase is ready it is possible to put artificial flowers or a composition of dried flowers. I stand in her feathers of a peacock’s tail.
Thank you all for your attention!


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