How to make vase from jute rope

vase from jute rope

How to make vase from jute rope

The country is preparing for the 8th of March. Many suggestions how to make a gift with their own hands. I want to contribute. Just make a reservation: the idea of making vases, tieing the finished dishes jute, not mine. I wanted to put links, but such products in a huge number of Internet (tied mainly bottles and cans). I give up the idea to make reference to many took the time and place. Just I say the idea is not my own. I want to show off your décor and the basis of cardboard. We are under time pressure, even retirees. And these vases are made ​​very quickly, cost is cheap, looks decent. In just a few days remaining before the holiday, you can make some certain amount. I made ​​three.


We need:
-thread (well, if there is color, but we already know how to paint, and finished goods);
-cley Titan;
-soft cardboard (3 pieces of 26 * 20 cm.). I have a package of decor for children’s rooms;
-White A4 sheet;
-skrepki (3-4 things);
-portnyazhny meter;
– posudinka paint;
-old newspaper (optional).

house (1)

First of soft cardboard made ​​3 foundations. Size, as has been said, 26 * 20cm. But this is purely conditional, dependent solely on you, what size are your vase.
We turn off the cardboard roll (20 cm – is the height), we coat the edges kaplyushkoy glue, fasten with tape. Roll and Narova turn back, securing more clips for 10 minutes.

house (2)

That is the basis of our vases. All the same – boring!

house (3)

We make improvised “tolschinki”. I wrote in the materials “old newspapers”, but it is in your imagination. Here, for example, the laying of a box of chocolates. You can leave all the basics as it is.

house (4)

The case went to a piece of insulation and is said to the newspaper. One basis I made ​​a little flattened, it is not purely circular.
You can start work – the foundations are ready.

house (5)

The most time-consuming – green vase. Take a flattened base and start. Draw directly on the basis of the first two florets. Here on the take with me an example, draw a better pencil. Pasta dirty.

house (6)

Now lay out their jute thread. Working with Titan glue. (By the way, this clearly shows that the basis of almost flattened)

house (7)

The longest in this ztih vases – green tie thread. There is an obstacle in the form of two flowers. Try to keep the thread tightly adjoined to each other. The basis of it when tying thread slightly greased with glue, then the thread will stay perfect.

house (8)

It takes a lot of patience and accuracy. This step, in my opinion, the most difficult and long.

house (9)

Finally! .You Noticed my green paint over uneven thread, this is the first time I experimented with painting. But now you can get the original picture. There is no silver lining!

house (10)

The other two vases simply tied thread. Blue vase expands at the top, pink – at the bottom.

house (11)

pencil bottoms of vases on a sheet of A4,

house (12)

invest in the file list, and begin to fill the circles jute.

house (13)

It will bottoms.

house (14)

About an hour later, you can remove the bottoms from the file and glued to vases.

house (15)

Here. You can start decorating.

house (16)

For green vase will do three more of these flower’s petals. We focus on the size of the flowers, which we have already laid out on the vase.

house (17)

10 It should be green, white 5, 3 serdtsevinki green, two – white.

house (18)

How to dry (1 hour), remove from the file, remove the excess glue scissors (scissors are more convenient) and we add here are the flowers.

house (19)

Glue the two remaining serdtsevinki to the already existing on the vase of flowers.

house (20)

And complements remaining vase with flowers.

house (21)

To the flowers are not standing upright, we glue the tips of the petals in a vase glue Titan.

house (22)


house (23)

Prepare to lace decoration top of the vase. (I say “lace”, do not know the name of this pattern had never encountered on the Internet. I have it somehow turned itself). I did it once for all. We shall draw up and the top and bottom for the blue and pink two pieces,. Before you laid out, draw on a sheet of A4 two flat strips inside which will spread the lace made of jute. I have a height of 1.5 cm. To mark the length, measure tailoring meter circumference vases at the bottom and the top. If you do “tolschinki”, they will be different. On green lace will be only at the top

house (24)

Dilute PVA glue with water 1: 1 and promazhte this lineup for vases lace top. It is imperative that lace fabric was tough. Lace promazyvat not need to bottom.

house (25)

About an hour later, you can glue the lace to the vases.

house (26)

It turns out this way.

house (27)

We will be decorated with a pink top and,

papier-mache vase (6) papier-mache vase (7)

support hot  (7) support hot  (8) support hot  (9)

At this stage I painted vases inside. Probably, it was possible before. Flaunts conventional watercolors.

support hot  (10)

You’re a bit of spice blue and pink vase. To make the blue flower of the thread 3. Size – at your discretion.

support hot  (12)

support hot  (13) support hot  (14)

Glued to a vase. She’s ready.

support hot  (15)

For pink vase lay out here is a pattern on the file. Do not forget to draw the first sketch on A4 paper and stick it in a file, so it’s easier. The height of the pattern I – 11.4 cm, but it is not necessarily.. You can do it both above and below. Do not forget to mention the length, it will be equal to the circumference of the vase in the middle

support hot  (16)

Removed from the file, removed the red-hot needle excess glue and glued to the pattern vase. Do not overdo it with glue. The excess glue with a vase is not uberёsh.

house (2)

house (3)

Here are three vases ready. You’d think someone will present some.

house (4)