Vase made ​​of papier-mache

Vase made ​​of papier-mache Vase made ​​of papier-mache

Vase made ​​of papier-mache

made ​​a vase in papier-mache, but only in his work, I used corrugated cardboard.


Out of the box from shoes, I cut four blanks in the form of petals and the base of a square vase of corrugated cardboard, too


With the construction of scotch, I joined the workpiece.
Pieces of kraft paper and glue divorced wallpaper + PVA paste over the entire surface of the vase.


To look more finished vase decided to attach the neck, gently scissors cut a circle and put a cardboard tube from under the tape.
Pieces of paper joined with the neck of the vase.


followed by two coats of acrylic sealer caused


Damp cloth lined all irregularities


Vase paint in silver color, but unfortunately that was not meant to me since I turned bad for the putty sides vases were not entirely smooth, and after painting it became very evident. It was decided to decorate the remnants of thread and twine. On the PVA glue, I slowly began to wind the thread.


That’s the result of my painstaking work, but something boring bowl seemed to me and I decided to glue on yarn-ply paper napkin that do decoupage.
and to imitate the surface of a tapestry

8 (1) 8

True resembles a tapestry



The surface of the vase with acrylic lacquer


It is a pity that such a vase can be placed only dry flowers.