Vase with yellow lilies

Vase with yellow lilies

Vase with yellow lilies

Hello everybody! I continue to study crystal colour … Last week there was a house is such a vase with yellow lilies


I really wanted to make a white, but, unfortunately, this paper I have not found. Not only could not find …- and ready stamens and pistils! So everything that you see here was done artisanal.


To start cut petals, 6 pieces for each flower. Then the leaves … In principle, the same, only the green and authenticity. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures.)


Well, actually, the fruit of my clumsy hands: stamens and pistils. The first were made of wire with a loop at the end. All wrapped with yellow paper ribbon, and the tip was painted with acrylic paint. Pestle, as you already guessed, too, from a wire, only wrapped with cotton and drag the yellow “pollen”.


To light color, taken here such LEDs. If you – a Muscovite (ka), then you can easily buy them at the Mitino market.


That was about the first flower!


Wrap the stem of green ribbon, while attaching the leaves and then all the others left flowers.

8 (1)

Here it was very important not to confuse the wiring. It’s a shame, if all collected, but some one flower does not light!


Here’s a sunny song turned out. As a result, not sorry, that is made of yellow paper. Too bright and elegant.


And when grief-ah-ah-ah-ah-t …! In the evening when the light is turned off in the room is especially nice look!