Very cute doll brooches

Very cute doll brooches

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This doll can be used as part of the decor in the interior. You can use it to decorate the mirror, picture frame, wallpaper, curtains, or walls in the nursery. You can use the doll as a large brooch or a bright Christmas decorations for the New Year.

Especially good are the pupa look in the company of their girlfriends. Bright and colorful, the girls pleasing look and forced smile, looking at them)

For example, a red flower girl, I’ll show you how to create these dolls.

For work you need the following materials:

– Self-hardening clay or bake polymer clay,

– Watercolor, acrylic, oil, tempera, etc.

– Felt,

– Sewing

– waxed cord,

– Beads, big beads, polubusiny, sequins, etc.

– Monofilament,

-Hot glue

– Adhesive moment of the crystal clear,

– Floral wire,

– The base or mount brooches,

– Kanekalon, yarn, Tress, etc. Hair dolls.

In addition, you need the following tools:

– Hot glue gun,

– Pliers,

– Scissors,

– Needle

– Stacks or dental tools for working with clay,

– Brushes for smoothing,

– Brushes for painting,

– sandpaper,

– Wet wipes.

Some of the materials and tools are shown in the photo.

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As a result,


Getting Started. First of all, I will prepare a face dolls. Fashioned, dried and sign it.

First forms of self-hardening clay cake 

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So little face looks like now the wrong side of the pupa.


When the clay is slightly dries, I remove the excess from the back of the face. In the cavity will fill hot glue for fixing the little face to the body. In addition, by removing excess clay face will be easier. If you work with light material – paperclay, FimoLayt, etc., then this operation superfluous.

42 43 44 45 46

I begin work on the iris. I determine which will be sent to view the pupa, which marks the contours of the iris.


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Work on-faced dolls complete


you can proceed to the next stage – the creation of the body dolls.

First, I prepare dolls dress patterns on paper. I usually use the white paper, I have now taken the color for clarity.

We will need two identical parts doll dresses with head and neck one-piece dress, the details of decor elements.


I decided that this doll will look something like this:


At this stage, you can move items to replace them, choosing the best option and the location of the winning color combinations. In general, you can “play”, creating an image of the chrysalis.

When all elements of the suit are selected, cut parts made of felt. Attaching the workpiece to the felt doll’s head, corrects or replaces the elements of decor, if needed.

DSCN3475 DSCN3476

Now, I will need two pieces of waxed cord suitable color. One shorter, pen pupa. Second – for legs and a loop for hanging. Length is determined by eye, the length of the cord to the legs about 30 cm, pen – 12-13 cm.

Better to take a little more, you can always cut off the excess.

Cut out the felt boots, 4 parts. Two on each leg.


Waxed cord sewn to the workpiece by means of a felt monofilament. Sewn felt along the entire length through.

Sewn cord to boot. In this case, I try not to capture the entire thickness of the felt to the wrong side of boots looked aesthetically pleasing.


Trying head. Now conveniently adjust the length of the arms, if necessary


I glued to the boot of their duplicates, sewn on the edge of a loop seam. I try a little bit to pull together glued parts boots.


Now the reverse side of the body looks like dolls. All the ugly places where the seam, I must admit with the second part of the body. In boots invisible seam.

DSCN3481 DSCN3482

I will continue to work with the front part of the costume.

I glued and sew heart to the front part of her dress a loop seam. I embroider floss three strands.


Glued, I sew the collar.


Pupa in dress:


It remains to interconnect all the details of the pupa. They’ve already taped. One need only ask. On the contour of the body is sewn dolls all loopy seam, capturing all the layers of felt and gently pulling them together. It is especially important to capture the front (first) and the back (fourth) layers for each stitch. Since the seam looks better and neater.


Almost decorated back side:


I pass on to decorating dresses. I use a suitable colour bead different sizes


As I decided to use a hair kanekalon. Thin strands kanekalona I clocked on the plastic tubes, fixed, pour over boiling water. After drying the obtained kucheryashki), depending on the diameter of the object to which the wind onto the hair, you can create different locks – from small to large spirals curls.


Glued strands starting from the bottom up. First, at the temples

DSCN3491 DSCN3492

With monofilament make out her hair in ponytails.


Cut flowers of felt – ornaments for hair.

DSCN3494 DSCN3495

Buttonhole stitch embroider flowers on a contour. I glued and sew serdtsevinki colors. Sew on flowers to the hair dolls


Secures the rear mount brooches.


Embroidered on the contour of a loop stitch flower accessory.


To bite off a piece of floral wire with pliers. Because of her, I do for the flower stalk. I try on, check to see if I was satisfied with the length of the wire.


I am doing loops on the dress with the wrong side of the pupa. With them will be secured flower. If in the future the flower will not have to be removed from the fixtures, you can decorate the tip of the stem beads or large beads. I did not do it, but simply bent tail wire ring.


Height pupae given legs – about 15 cm, without feet – 10 cm.

If the doll is used as a toy on the Christmas tree, you can not sew mount brooch on the back of the pupa.