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The materials that we need:

Glass preform under his watch. I ordered in the workshop of the glass to size. In this case, the clock was quite large, so the customer wanted, the size 35h40sm., Poseredine- 8mm diameter hole, the edge is processed. Another need, breadboard knife (to cut the loop too sloppy), cotton swabs (again to eliminate small errors), brushes (better speakers or synthetic or №0 №1), Marbles, sketch hours in full scale, a clockwork arrow cloth. First we need to decrease the workpiece, for this use the usual glass cleaner or mirrors. Getting started with a sketch on paper the size of our windows, we put her pencil drawing.



We impose glass and because our local fine granules used for baking – start with them. We put special small areas. adhesive primer (it is usually sold in the same place where the granules themselves), and I’m just rolling in pellets, helping to fill in the gaps with a toothpick, where they appear, that pellet formed tightly and evenly. First, one color, then lift the glass vertically, the extra granules crumble, all gather and begin to glue different color against the first.


After all glued, slightly forward, about an hour will be enough and carefully placed the glass in a cold oven. Turn 180 degrees and not where you do not go, because as soon as the oven heats up, the pellets are melted very quickly.


The degree of fusion choose for yourself, you can simply melt a little, you can completely dissolve them in”puddle” is carefully removed and I usually passed on to the towel to cool. Glass is cold, we continue to do our watches. At the border, I midway brown contour drawing in the form of irregular cells, filling in the circle completely. You can wait a bit again before the draw petals, so as not to touch the middle of a fresh and does not smudge. We try to keep a firm hand, to lead smoothly, without sudden movements and stops. But even if you turn out not very smooth line, it does not matter. You can always fix it. When the circuit dries out a bit, it’s easy to crop Prototyping knife and remove unnecessary or re-apply part of the picture.



Next, draw golden loop petals, wait until dry circuit.


You can paint the middle of a loop to draw the petals, I painted over after, whatever you like. Painting over the petals, I used two colors, yellow and orange stained glass paint company marabou water-based. One drop of orange paint brush, then quickly fill in the rest of the second brush in yellow. And using a toothpick or wooden skewer Barbecue gently stirring the paint makes a move, as if spending strip, the Orange went into yellow.


I must say that this effect is not possible with every paint, for example, the company “Gamma”, simply use one yellow, will also not bad. The flower is ready, leave it to dry rovnёhonkoy surface, I try to also cover the box to dust does not sit.


The next stage – registration numbers, in this case, used glass Marble two colors that play a role dial. Adhesive is used for mosaics, but I think it is possible and the time is clear and superglue, but do not overdo it with the amount of that excess does not get out and do not spoil the view.


The final touch – a small ladybug God, on the double-sided tape on any tab (see above), and insert mechanism. As for the shooter, I tend to repaint them in the desired color acrylic paints me varnished. These arrows are painted half-hour, so do not merge in the center of black on brown. Touched up with gold paint and the edges just comfortable black on yellow, significantly! Insert the batteries, set the time, and our watches are ready to please others!

×àñû "Îäóâàí÷èêè", ôüþçèíã-ñòåêëî.






êîìïëåêò "Ýäåìñêèé ñàä" ñòåêëî, ôüþçèíã









×àñû íàñòåííûå"Öèòðóñîâûé ôðåø"(ôüþçèíã)

×àñû èç ñòåêëà "Êðàñêè îñåíè" ôüþçèíã