Watercolor portrait for “not artists”

Watercolor portrait for "not artists"

Watercolor portrait for “not artists”

I do not know how to draw? No problem! There is a very easy way to create a watercolor portrait of a nice “blur”.Do you want to? Then look!

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First, you must select a photo in a photo editor to process so that there are only two colors – light and dark. The author – editor PicMonkey, but I think the process is not complicated in any program.

4 5


Print and paint over the opposite side of the pencil


We spread a listing on watercolor paper and draw out a pencil pressing the dark areas

8 (1)

On watercolor paper must bear the image


We can only paint over the dark areas of watercolor. To avoid mistakes, put next to the printout and checks drawn to the image.


Easy, right?


And what we have now are not artists?

10 11 12

Courtesy: best-hand-made.net

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