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Waterproof hairpin from a plastic bottle

Waterproof hairpin from a plastic bottle

Has come the beach season and it took me a waterproof hairpin.
For its creation were used:
– a plastic half-liter bottle;
– nail polish (with sparkles, bright, dark, mother of pearl)
– chopstick;
– acrylic paints ( white and blue);

So take a look at the dark hair barrette:


Cut out of the bottle rectangle with rounded corners (length – 9.5 cm width – 5.5 cm).
The edges flamed candle.


Cut holes for “studs”.
Diameter 1cm, to handle a candle flame.


Colorize concave (inside) of the clips lacquer polish.
First inflicted nail with large sequins (this will be the top layer when the hairpin to wear).
Then, the protonated edges and holes clip darker lacquer (I – purple and dark blue).
The same varnishes made ​​a couple of strokes strips barrette.
The last layer I – pearlescent paint.
It looks like the inside of the hairpin:


And on the outside:


Hairpin with yet trimmed and unpainted “pin” –


The length of the stud – 14 cm.

8 (1)

He paints the “hairpin” acrylic paints. Mix white and blue.


Here is the final result!


However, in the process of socks acrylic paint blue heels covered ! I had to replace the pin on the unpainted!

But despite this, the result I still was satisfied !!!



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