How to wear saree easily within 5 minutes

wear saree

Saree is the one of the most graceful attires and a wardrobe essential, especially for an Indian girl. There are many kinds of sarees available in myriad prints, colours and materials. Wearing a saree is an easy job if you get the hang of the technique.

People who do not know the technique find it really difficult to wear a saree. A saree not worn properly could make you look like a disaster, moreover restrict your movement and make you fumble like a clown. This article will be the guiding star in your saree-draping quest. Here is a step by step guide on how to wear a saree.

Basic Saree Drape Steps:

1.Take a saree end from the top, gather it in petticoat starting from the right angle of your waist across your left side.

2. From the left hand deliver the drape around your waist from the again to the centre front gathering in it.

3. Now you will have got to make pleats of the rest drape on the centre and gather it within the petticoat, going through pleats to the left.

4. Bring the open drape across your again to your front from the corner side, without gathering it. you could pin up the pleats at the centre for it to be in the entre function and gather the drape area until your left part waist.

5. Now hold up the width section and make pleats in complete width, making sure the border falls on the first pleat to drape it on shoulder.

6.Keep the pleats in straight bring the drape fall from under the proper armhole, pulling it up towards and across your left shoulder.

7.Place the pleats properly on your left shoulder by keeping at least a metre length fall down from shoulder point and pin it in place to fix it.

Here is a video to help you understand how to wear a saree


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