Weave flowering cactus

If you are not able to have potted plants, no time for watering and so on, but I really want to admire a flower on the windowsill, I offer you an alternative) Weave flowering cactus, using beads and French technique of weaving.


Required materials for weaving cactus:

– Small beads №10 green, light green and light green colors
– orange beads №10 and # 15
– Beads yellow and light yellow # 10
– white and transparent beads # 10
– # 10 Golden Beads
– Beads oval green color
– 5 faceted yellow beads 3 mm in diameter
– the color of the bead wire of 0.3 mm and a rod 2 mm in diameter
– Green thread and glue
– pot with stones
– Gypsum

Scourge barrel cactus
For trunk, we need to weave a 6 pointed leaf French technique of weaving. One sheet consists of 14 full arcs, where the latter is collected from light green beads. Dial 20-22 beads, this is the first row, around which you’ll be doing the arc. Ready to sew the leaves, then fold in half and sew down the middle between them in several places. Along the edge of the leaves between a fixed needles which are composed of wire. 2 of the wire to be cut 2.5 cm and 3 cm, twist the wires so that the protruding end 4 of the same, and at the base they are wound together. You can trim the needles. Top leave a hole to insert at the end of round flower.

Scourge cactus flower
The flower petals consists of three species of the pistil and stamens. Scheme 1 weave 10 small petals, this cut wire 42 cm and whipping guided drawing.
According to Scheme 2 weave 7 secondary lobes. To do this, cut the wire 80 cm and work in pattern. At the end of petal sew down the middle.
According to Scheme 3 weave 7 large petals. Cut the wire length of 90 cm and ready to sew petal in three places, as it is very large.


Scourge stamens and pistils

Stamens need two kinds of 5 pieces, the wire length of 35 cm, type beads in the following sequence: 5 yellow-green, light yellow and white matte color, the last gold. Now go back through all the beads, without passing through the golden dlish.Butt repeat exactly the same stamens 4 more times. The second set of stamens lagging as well, but do not dial to 5 and 7 beads and the latter is not gold beads and bead 3 mm. Insert the 5 stamens in light green oval bead.


To stamens in bead wire strapped 2 mm, and then around the place the stamen after stamen strapped small petals, then medium and large. Leg tightly wrap the green thread and seal the adhesive. Insert the flower in the cactus. Cactus in a pot, place, pour plaster and in the end decorate stones or pebbles.


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