Making balloon with newspaper tubes

Weave from newspaper tubes balloon

Making balloon with newspaper tubes . Sounds good. Want to make a balloon ride. Not easily possible. Isn’t it?  Let us make a balloon with newspaper to decorate our indoor. It takes little time but is cute. A balloon with newspaper tubes will be the most attractive part in your home.

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Things we need are simple. Long sticks made of newspaper. (You can make it by rolling newspaper over a stick.  Colour it with paint. You can use different colours sothat your balloon look beautiful). A plastic dough and glue.



Fix 4 sticks together with glue.



Fix 4 more paper sticks in criss cross.

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Fix a stick on the top end of the vertically fixed sticks, as shown in the picture.



Bend the newly fixed stick and complete a circle as shown.

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Place the sticks as shown in the picture and fix another stick inbetween.


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Weave the newspaper sticks

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Place the plastic/glass dough on its centre. 

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Arrange the newspaper sticks and clop it with the dough sothat you can do your work properly.


Continue with the weaving process. You can extend the length of the sticks by fixing sticks at the end.

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Remove the dough when you are confident enough. Continue with the weaving.


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See this picture. I am sure that you have got the idea what this picture conveys.



Your balloon part is finished. Now let’s move to the tail end.


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Bend the end portion of the stick inwards and fix it with glue.

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Now, here is your basket. The method is as same as we used for making balloon.


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Paint the balloon with paint. Finish with making a coat of varnish.


Using jute thread you can hang your basket on your balloon.


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Look at the balloon. Its cute, isn’t it? Try it ang give your feed back.




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