Weave node “Turkish head”

Weave node "Turkish head"

Weave node “Turkish head”

“Turkish head” (Turk’s heads) – knot, named for the similarity with a turban, and due to the fact that Western Europeans called all residents of the Turks of Central Asia. This technique can be woven flat and cylindrical products.

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You will need the following:
Power of one or different colors, better braiding and not twisted (parachute cord, for example, but it is expensive). I used polyester cord with a diameter of 2 mm. What is a cylindrical piece, either. In this case this will be a cardboard tube from the toilet paper. Toothpicks or matches. Office gum ring. Scissors, Lighter – cut and priplavlyat ends of the cord. And spets.instrument: tubular awl. Buy unrealistic, it can be made from readily available materials, for example from the case of a ballpoint pen. It is necessary to cut off the tip at an angle of about 25-35 °. The handle to it, you can not do, and so will descend. Himself I made a few sewed stainless tubes of different diameters (from different cord). Make a pattern on a cylinder put on two office gum. Rubber bands should fit snugly to the template. Under the gum we start a toothpick (or whatever you choose). Toothpicks placed uniformly on a circle on either side of the template. The number on each side should be equal. In my case it is the 8 + 8. If done right, it should turn out like this:

3 4


Fix the cord on the pattern and wound it in a spiral to the back of the template. We get his toothpick

6 7

and spirally wound in the opposite direction. Since I work mostly with his left hand, I shake my right to left. Set up cable for the next pin pattern (after the occupation), in this case, for those for which the designated end of the cord and continue to turn in a spiral.

8 9

The second thread the coil beneath the working end of a cord wrapped around. For this we need a tubular awl. Enter it under the cord from the opposite side, insert the working end of the cord into the hole and take out the sewing awl with a cord.

10 11

Repeat until the cord until it fills the entire pattern and pins. Orienting to the previous number, if the previous number of the top line – run it down, and vice versa. In the last rows can be difficult: in the previous row takes the same line twice (double top or double bottom). Do not worry, this is normal. When I mastered the technique several times intertwined like this: I felt that I was somewhere missed something. If done correctly, it will turn on the photo.
You can continue with the same cord (if you do monochrome braid) or starting cord of another color. In the photo above, I secured a second cord. Operation is no different, so I will not describe them. If done correctly, we get this:


More + one color and get what was on the first photo. We take out a toothpick and remove the product from the template. This is not a finished product, semi-finished soon. Now you need to tighten the knot. This is done by the same, gradually pulling the assembly areas. That unit can be woven bracelet, braid handle umbrella, bottle and stuff.

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