Weaving bird feeders from newspaper tubes

24Photography Tutorial in weaving decorative bird feeders from newspaper tubes.
To weave a bird feeder will need: newspaper tube, magazine, cardboard, glue, scissors, ruler, nail.


To get started, you need to log in to make a stencil – a hexagonal box.
u weaving bird feeders from newspaper tubes

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Then, from the usual cardboard cut hexagon and hexagon of thinner with the speakers somewhere in the 1.5-2 cm at the sides, “serif”.


On thick cardboard glued to the tube as shown in the photo below.


Top pin over cardboard hexagon. On this blank in the “notch” to insert previously prepared hexagonal box so that the notch between the steel and cardboard magazine.


Start braid form tubes newspaper “rope.”


After 4 rows leave secondary tubes 5 on each side and the angles of weave only in one tube.


When it will dopleteno to the desired height, again to continue weaving rope on all tubes.


After 4 rows of weaving finish and cover this chat feeders varnish birds.


Go to the roof for weaving feeders.
From cardboard cut out a circle and cut as shown in the photo.


To form a conical roof. And begin the roof braid trough as shown in the photo below.

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Add more tubes as shown in the photo below.


After that point, you can cover the roof of the trough from the inside finish.

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Trim the excess part of the tubes at the base of the trough.


Connect the main part of the feeder with roof and roof doplesti to size. All the ends of the tubes to fill the extra.
Cover feeder varnish. Use as directed in good weather, or as decorative.
u weaving bird feeders from newspaper tubes