Weaving daisy pendant

Weaving daisy pendant



Let’s get started.

We need:

  • Czech beads preciosa gold (color 18589) -okolo2-3’s programs and milk (46113 colors) – 10 grams, size 10/0
  • medium-sized white or milky bead
  • thin fishing line 0.1 mm for the base of the flower and stronger 0.2 mm for fixing ringlet
  • metal ring for pendant
  • fine needle


Take a thin line and a needle with the smallest ear, because we have a lot of time to go through the same beads. Cut off is not very big piece of fishing line (if folded in half – 30 cm), threading a needle, tying the knot. Will weave fishing line, folded in half, to make our flower stronger form. Recruit four beads, tie the ends of the thread, pull the thread through the two already recruited beads. Strung two beads and thread through the two beads, from which we had just left. Here’s what you should have.


We continue weaving the same way. For the convenience of present scheme.


Weave to achieve such a result here.


In the process of weaving the belt have to try to bead to determine its length. Try on the eye, the exact number of rows can not name, because it all depends on the size of the beads. It is important that the bead is tightly grasped by the girdle, otherwise visible gap between them. Dopletaem belt and connect the ends of the same pattern.


Connect the ends of the threads running through neighboring beads at each end. If the thread is still left (about 10 centimeters), then the same thread inside belt anchoring bead. If not take a new and, optionally passing through the middle row of beads, bead anchoring.


Mid of a flower is ready. Now we will do the petals. First I want to say that in the shoulder you can be both even and odd number of rows. And then, and more correctly. With an even number of rows of petals of a daisy will lie more wavy, odd flower is straight.

So now we will fasten the bottom row of white beads belt, using the technique of weaving “Ndebele”. The photo shows a view of the first row of weaving on both sides.

On the one hand:


And on the other hand:


Now weave around, we add on each petal two beads and go through the entire length of the petal.

That’s what we have.


Weave in a similar manner as long as each does not lepetke five pairs beads.


Weave on, picking up two beads at the top of each petal, but the thread does not omit to end, and derive it from the top of the third pair of beads, strung one bead and go to the next tab.


Are like again in a circle, stringing beads and two passing thread through one bead between the petals. So, we each petal now consists of seven pairs of beads.


Now we’re going to fix the ring to the pendant. To do this, go to the end of the petal, like starting a new round, at the end of the petal puts on a thread ring and get down on the petal to tsenralnoy beads, we rise to a new tab at the top and one bead stringing. Go until the end of the circle.


Now the ring is fixed only a thin fishing line, and later will need to go through the petals and especially miss a thick fishing line through the ring to achieve the reliability of our attachment. But it can be done now.

At the weaving of the first row is finished. It is safe to connect the ends, to withdraw the fishing line through the rows of beads and trim. On the second row of the remaining line (only if you do not wound off three meters) is not enough, so we cut off a new line, add up again in half, tying the knot and start the second row. Here it is necessary to make a reservation. The second row will we do very carefully, beginning the second row of petals is just between the petals of the first row, look at the photo below.


Then go around the circle and strung the second row. In the photo below more clearly seen my idea about the location of the second row of beads.


We pass around the circle again, and a third pair strung beads.


Now we string together a series of four pairs, and without dropping a thread before the end of the petal, deduce it on a second pair of beads, strung one bead and go further in a circle. Completing the circle and makes a similar one.


All on the second level will be in each petal on five pairs of beads. Do now range from one end beads.


The flower is almost ready. Now this same thread pass to the third level and, going around and through one, strung white beads, as well as on the photo. Spend a few petals thread and cut the line. This is what eventually.


At the same time, our pendant “Daisy” is ready. ))) You can weave flagellum two beads and hang a pendant on it.

Then pendant will look like this:


and can complicate the pendant, made for him leaves and thickened harness, and then it will look like this:


That’s all for this. This was my first master class, if that is not ready to accept all sneaker and correct. Write, if you have questions! Thank you for your attention!

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