Wedding ship from sweets

Wedding ship from sweets

The process of creating a ship of sweets is very fascinating, but as usual in any business has its own quirks and pitfalls. I want to share all the stages of creating the candy masterpiece with commentary and step by step photos, I hope someone will be useful to my advice.


To create a ship for it is required to find a  container of suitable size (in my case, the foam was taken out of the box with office equipment, I liked the rim height and length of the structure). For the convenience of further work, I filled all the voids tank mounting foam. Once the foam has dried – cut off all the excess, giving the design offers the shape of the ship.



To the spacecraft looked stylish, I decided to paste over their twine (glued on “Titan”).



At the end of the twine was painted with acrylic paints. 


To decorate the board I made from wire armature, covered him with a silver acrylic and glue. To create more relief plastered anchor along the contour decorative silver braid and silver acrylic paint over bumps.


The same principle made windows windows (circuit – silver braid inside – acrylic paint). Illuminators are available on both sides of the ship.



I painted the bottom of the Styrofoam black acrylic (though it can not be seen, but certainly do, so everything is beautiful)!

To create the masts I used wooden skewers, pre calling them silver acrylic. Since the length shpazhek proved insufficient, had to build them, cementing thread (thread dyed too).


Sail I decided to try to make the first paper to be able to adjust the size. In my case, they are made in the shape of a trapezium (uniformly varying size from largest to smallest). By size of sails and spars prepared (also from wooden shpazhek).


Cut out the sails of organza I decided to glue on both sides of the edge of the decorative braid (it made them more ornate and solved the problem “mahryashek” on the edges). By reyam sails sewn from two ends of the thread (which is painted in the color of Ray).

Beauty I cut organza two small flag and also plastered their braid.



Triangular sail decorate the bow. 


Try to sail the ship and mark markeroi fitting locations.

Major work on the hull of the ship is finished, it’s time to do its contents.

For masking foam I decided to take no mica for packaging flowers and netting. I think this stuff gives the product a soft, delicate appearance (not to mention how much it is pleasant to the touch). It took me 2 meter grid of different shades. I cut the fabric into equal squares, folding each other squares of different colors. Center squares pierced with a toothpick and gathered fabric around her, securing the thread. Turned a sort of “flowers.” 



“Little Flowers” will take quite direct, so please be patient. But after they finished the fun begins, it’s time to “dress up” the prepared skeleton ship.

I filled the “color” of the ship on the grid circuit in several rows, alternating color. (Just stick the toothpicks into the foam with the required distance).





Let us setting sail on a pre-marked place marker (you can rotate the sail in any direction you like). On the prow strengthen triangular sail (he is tied to yardarm braid and secured with glue). 



For the occasion, by which created this ship I had prepared the bride and groom figurines, which I attached to the stern (using toothpicks). If desired, instead of the figures can be used soft toy, a bottle of wine, fruit, souvenir, in general, all that you see fit and suitable cases. 




Beforehand bought candy (this is better suited truffles, their form is convenient for packing) I camouflaged in miniature “kulechki” narrow adhesive tape securing them on skewers. Stick skewers with sweets in plastic foam, placing them at the desired angle and you are completing work on our tasty and pleasant looking masterpiece.

This ship has one more advantage. After candy skewers are removed and eaten, the design does not lose its integrity and will continue to please their owners!


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