White polar owl

White polar owl

White polar owl

There was a desire to make the owl, white, polar. How I do not know, Work is not very happy, especially the eyes, something’s wrong … But as I made different eyes – do not count, and it’s not something … Later when they taped and started taking pictures, I realized that it was necessary to their kak then deepen, but there is no way back now … Anyway, on other papers will home that did not work here …


Feather close-up



Here are all of these pieces going!


Thank you to all the masters for their work site! Found in the internet picture printer I have, so I’m right on the screen depicts the image without items.Zatem crumpled napkins 3, somewhere dripping glue to hold the desired shape of the figure (size 15 cm Owl). Next planned feathers, folding the paper in half to speed and how many of them.? Do not think a handful of sliced, glued, (from the tail staggered), ended, planned yet. On owl feathers less tummy longer and longer, the smallest on the head. The wing is made separately and glued on top of the volume. And yet – on the head feathers glued around the edge to the center. All the feathers and the owl ready glued on glue. Feathers are different: on the tummy longer 4-5 cm wing okolo3h, the smallest on the head.

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