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Window flowers card

Window flowers card





To do well shaped cards flower window box full of this, but you need to prepare the following materials:
– Cover beautiful card, with bright colors to highlight the background color frames
– Cardboard background thinner cards, printed with motifs flower child or green to harmonize the background for flower pots
– Cover color colorful flowers, green cover as leaves and brown cardboard or wood patterned window frames
– Scissors, knives bear, glue or tape two face
– Cutting Tools flower stamp (if any)

Step 1:
Your little card stand square, so you need to cover a rectangular card with two squares couple, who live in the middle knife pleats to create a beautiful cover. Cover background cards have the same size but lightly patterned background.
Put the two together and cover carved with a knife cut a square cut in the middle of the front card as window and door edges from the edge of the box cover about 2 cards , 5cm.
Based ke just cut up cardboard box brown wooden board and cut a square window with 0,7cm wide board, cut two strips narrower 0,3cm and paste the cross in the middle of the door boards.






Step 2:
Paste board doors to the outside cover of cards. If you do not have the cover patterned wood, you can paint over wood boards were glued down after stabilization.


Step 3:
To create a flower behind the doorway, stuck inside the card, you need to cut a rectangular strip of paper with a half length card width, width 4,5cm. 3 guys in a line parallel to the first strip of paper, 1cm apart. At the center of the paper strip 3 guys like parallel lines. Who has a slight incision lines creasing folding. Draw a line parallel to the length of the paper, 1cm from the edge of the paper, remove the paper under the corner of parallel lines short. Turn the cover right and sucking or use crayons to color in the crease to create floating down the line after folding.





Step 4:
Put a piece of paper on the edge between the folds flush card, the balance between the two on the bottom of the card first. Fold the strip of paper and paste it turned long edge of the paper remaining in the opposite position. Paste strapless short edge of the paper strips into a “flower” rectangular. Cut paper stickers decorate dark edges on the “flower”, you can use lace stickers replaced or painted decorative valances way.







Step 5:
Cut the strips of green small flowers glued to the side of the flower 2. The height should be half the width cards. Cut flowers with cute little stamp paper cutters or you can manually draw, cut flowers simple. A simple flower 5 wing should paste a prominent stamens in the center. A flower can tunlip petal paste from many tears assembled. With this type of flower cluster, you should cut a small oval, small flower paste up tight oval shape to it, tentatively blossoms into its centre fixed window, then paste into flower.







Step 6:
The remaining paste flowers alternating high and low for the staggered nature on the flowers were glued available, you Pasting long pointed leaves the band spread laterally from the original flower. Fold the card fold down repeatedly for more stable sticky cards.


So you’ve done well card “window flowers” finished already! In the middle of a flower card is simple but well-natural, fresh summer colors.


Outside intervention can be pasted decorative ribbon looks more like a window with curtains dance track. Equivocal outside the doorway is fresh blooming flowers.


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