Wooden flower

Wooden flower

Wooden flower

There are many methods for making beautiful colours of different materials. Skilled workers adapt to make flowers even seemingly from waste material. In this article I will describe one more unusual method of making a very unusual flowers that you can decorate anything. They made a very simple!


To do this you will need:

– Various branches of trees
– some sharpeners different diameters
– toothpicks
– super glue
– food coloring or paint for the printer
– Tweezers

1 . mangled different rods of different diameters, but not too thick (so you will be able to experiment, because of their diversity, and decide what material in the future will have to work). 2 . Branches must be fresh, if they suddenly dried up, the better their soaked in water before use; 3 . Take sharpener, if you have different sized sharpener – well, your roses will turn different from each other. Start sharpen twig, the result is a wavy chips, spiral curl. 4 . Long enough to wrap chips toothpick tip can be fixed super-glue.


5. Paint colors are better in Stain and food dyes, printer ink, dipping them in a solution. Get better with tweezers to avoid staining. Spread better on the board with a napkin. You can change the size and shape of each petals, which will allow you to create even more beautiful flowers of roses and daisies before. Enjoy your handiwork!


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