Yarn snowman

Yarn snowman

Hope to snow on Christmas this year, I remember when I was little and I did snowmen in the yard behind the building or grandparents



  • white knitting yarn
  • crochet thread red
  • wooden beads
  • white sewing thread, gout transparency
  • scissors, needle, crochet


I started doing body pompoms for a snowman, two larger and one smaller – head. I used crochet thread thicker, because what I had handy.
I floss wrapped two fingers, about 80-90 times to get out fluffy. It is perhaps more often.


For larger pompoms, we can wrap the floss on several fingers. Caution when winding the thread, do not over tighten, otherwise choose your fingers slightly bruised:)

After we finished coiled thread I linked with another mid Pompom and I knotted, then pulled Pompom from the fingers.


I cut with scissors loops formed (“sides”)


We arranged peewee result, I’ve cut “tips”, so be somewhat spherical.


I repeat for the other two pompoms, another one about the same size for the body, and a smaller one for the head.
The head I left two strands of floss longer so I can hang it on the tree as ornaments .


I took the “accessories” snowman. I crochet two red buttons.
We started with loop “magic” (magic loop / circle) …


I worked about 10 feet simple circle, then closed with a foot slipped in the first eye (foot) initial crochet, I pulled the wire loop to tighten the loop, ‘suppressing’ heads and we cut thread .


Instead of the loop “magic” can start with a 5-6 mesh necklace
I repeated the same steps for the second button.
9. Then I crochet scarf: I crochet a necklace with five stitches …


.. then I crochet backwards four simple legs, one for each eye. I also crochet an eye, and again, I crochet backwards four simple legs. I continued until we reached the desired length of the scarf, as can be knotted.


I put, one another and we have sewn with white thread.


I “assembled” snowman accessories: sewing buttons with gout have transparent red, then eyes and nose.
For the eyes I used dark brown wooden beads and nose – red-brick.
In the end I bound neck scarf, not to be cold. Maybe it announces a cold winter:)


I hope you enjoy my little snowman ‘s kind of bristly … someone told me that it looks like a hedgehog


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