Yoka doll

Yoka doll


Head Yoki- is tied with a tennis ball, which they poured rice and this is funny rumbles.


All calculations are done for the hook and yarn №1,25 “Iris”, of which, in fact, connected my Yockey. Height 13cm doll without hair styles. With the “tails” of the order of 16cm. Hair acrylic Semyonovskaya “Carolina”.
These dolls I had never met on the Internet, it Yockey, so I decided to show you how to knit them I, who could be useful. So there you go Yoka, in contrast to many other amigurumi (to me so the first time is met) fit with polustolbikami nakida rather than the usual columns without nakida. Detail of the head. 0-p. In the ring amigurumi 2Vp (air loop) lift, 9Psn (polustolbik with nakida) (= 10Psn considering lifting Bn)


After that, pull the tip of the short thread – all the bars are drawn into a tight circle. No holes.


1-4 p. Perform 41 addition (2Psn in the loop) through 1 loop (= 50Psn)
At this stage, we tied a flat circle diameter 3cm.


If you put it on top of a tennis ball, the size it should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the ball (as determined “by eye”)



5-9r. By 1Psn in each loop (= 50Psn).


Insert a tennis ball.
For information on how it is made ​​in China, it is desirable to place directly in the center. When we prishёm head to the body, this one does not know;)
From this point begin subtraction symmetrically by adding at the beginning of knitting. Subtraction should take about the same area as the addition of the reverse side of the ball.
Your knitting density may vary from mine. Try the knitting to the ball. Maybe you will have to knit one row more or less.
10-12r. Perform 37 decrease (2Psn knit together) through 1 loop 1CC (connecting bars). The thread is cut off. Detail of the head is ready.


Start vyazanie- this top.
End of knitting, with a small hole, where we shall do next hole – back side


Getting knitting parts of the body.
We start in the same way as the head.
0th district. In the ring amigurumi 2Vp (air loop) lift, 9Psn (polustolbik with nakida) (= 10Psn considering lifting Bn)
1-3r perform 24pribavlenie (2Psn in a loop) through 1 loop (= 33Psn). Then knit as follows:
15Psn, addition (2Psn in next st) 17Psn, the addition of 16 PSN, adding, 17Psn, decrease (2Psn knit together) 16Psn, decrease, 16Psn, decrease, 15Psn, decrease, 15Psn, decrease, 14Psn , decrease, 14Psn, decrease, 13Psn, decrease, 13Psn, decrease, 12Psn, decrease, 12Psn, decrease, 11Psn, decrease, 11Psn, decrease, 10Psn, decrease, SS. The thread is cut off, leaving long enough to form the tip of the shoulders.
As a result, should have 13 rows. Subtraction in each row are made ​​strictly on the decrease in the previous row. Due to this, the trunk becomes somewhat flattened shape. As a result, both sides should be able to decrease 7.


Fill the body with synthetic padding tight enough, but not to the state of the stone – a soft toy.
When a needle is sheathed parts of the body seam edge “over the edge”.


By Meria blouses slightly pulling.
Thus, a doll form rounded shoulders.


Getting knitting parts handles.
0th district. In the ring amigurumi 2Vp (air loop) lift, 9Psn (polustolbik with nakida) (= 10Psn considering lifting Bn)
continue knitting in a spiral.
We provide 5 additions through 1 loop (= 15Psn)
Then in each row is performed by one subtraction as follows:
decrease (2 PSN knit together) 13Psn, decrease, 12Psn, decrease, 11Psn, decrease, 10Psn, decrease, 9Psn, decrease, 8Psn, decrease, 7Psn, decrease, 6Psn, SS.
Fill the item must be before knit the last row . Here you can come in handy tweezers or a pencil.


The thread is cut off, leaving long enough for the subsequent sewing tip to the body.
Details legs.
0th district. In the ring amigurumi 2Vp (air loop) lift, 9Psn (polustolbik with nakida) (= 10Psn considering lifting Bn)
continue knitting in a spiral.
We provide 13 additions through 1 loop (= 22Psn).
Longer knit as follows. 10Psn, decrease, 9 PSN, decrease, 9Psn, decrease, 8Psn, decrease, 17Psn, decrease, 16Psn, change the color of the thread on the solid, decrease, 15Psn, decrease, 14Psn, decrease, 13Psn, decrease, 12Psn, decrease, 11Psn, decrease 22 PSN, SS. The thread is cut, leaving the tip is long enough to sew to the body.
The change thread color occurs by provyazyvaniya last maneuver polustolbika with nakida thread of a different color


Here is the finished parts of legs


When all parts of the body are connected, proceed to the assembly


Before you sew the head to the body, in a tennis ball done a small hole (I managed to do the former nail scissors) and fill the head of valuable contents.
It only depends on your imagination with what is in your head Yoka In my example, in the head beads


Pinned head to the body pins and sew.
Sew must firmly enough, because hair color she is rich and the weight of the head substantially increase.


So do with handles. Pinned down and sew


Legs sewn similarly


Now, on to the hair.
For this I took acrylic. It seemed to me that fluffy Joke does not hurt, but it does not matter. You can successfully use the same “Iris”. Importantly, the thread should not be too thick. Cut the thread about 20-25cm long. Not to measure specifically, you can take the cardboard width at half the required amount or, as in my case, a notebook. Wind up a sufficient number of threads …


Cut on the one hand …


We get a bunch of hair for dolls.


I did not count the number of special yarns. Is wound and cut simultaneously with the addition of them to the head.
filaments begin to get involved with the crown, on the basis of binding to the fringe scarf





It is important to all the hair “growing” in the same direction. For this purpose it is necessary to stick a hook towards the top, not from it


If you want to insert other color, after vvyazki several rows in the center, you can go to the attachment of the hair, not moving in a circle, and from top to bottom strips


Then you can start to eyes.
For this thread black knit as well as the beginning of all parts .In ring amigurumi 2Vp (air loop) lift, 9Psn (polustolbik with nakida) (= 10Psn considering lifting Bn). Last maneuver 9th polustolbika provyazyvaem different color thread and knit the next row 2 column without nakida in each loop, SS. The thread is cut off, leaving a long enough tip for the subsequent sewing.


Eyes pinned to the head of a pin and sew.


Embroider nose.
For this we need a thread darker complexion than Yockey. This may be a brown and pink. You can, by applying different colors to determine what more it goes.
At the end of the thread tying the knot and inserts a needle into the hole between the eyes near the PSN. Puncturing the thread in the right place (“growth” of the nose). The very same thread prodergivaem eye so that the knot caught inside.


Once the nose is embroidered, hide the thread in the same way under the other eye by running two or three stitches.
The thread is cut.


Knit ears.
In the ring amigurumi 2Vp (air loop) lift, 9Psn (polustolbik with nakida) (= 10Psn considering lifting Bn) to perform the addition of 5 (2Psn in a loop) through 1 loop (= 15Psn), pp. The thread is cut, leaving the tip of the longest sewing


Ears pinned to the head of a pin and sew. Ears, if you look at the side of the handle should stay right in the center


knits of two identical parts, which are then sewn. Recruit a chain of 27 Bn plus 2Vp lifting 24Psn last two column provyazyvaem together. Pivoted work 2Vp lift, 23 SPEs, the last two column provyazyvaem together, etc. knit 10 rows so doing subtraction at the end of each row.
The second part is similar to knit

d1 12.11 002

Details sew.
Determine the middle shelf, by folding in half sarafan (you can simply calculate the average loop) and on average 8-7 loops provyazyvaem two rows of columns without nakida. After finishing the second row, knit chain of 10Vp (strap).
compete on your shoulder Yockey – you might get a slightly different length, respectively, the other the number of loops

d1 12.11 006

Attach the chain to the part of the back, on average provyazyvem hinged columns without nakida a row, again a chain of ten Bn.

d1 12.11 010

Attach the strap to the second shelf parts sarafan.
undergirding flirt with straps one row of columns without nakida.
sarafanchik ready.


Do not confuse a small hole resulting neck.
sarafanchik put through the legs. Yoka shapely young lady, but her soft parts can squeeze into the hole.
But sarafanchik will not hang, and it will be good to sit on the owner.
If you are knitting Yoku girls older than my Alenka (she still pupsik ), you can make sarafanchik clasp.
I think here will suit small and Sew a button and loop fastener, and just zavyazochki. Sarafanchik will help you decorate fantasy. On the original Yockey Nelly Bolgert graced sarafanchik circle of a different color, which fit as the beginning of all the details with the additions to the desired size.


Left embroidered laces for “shoes”. They embroider seam on the principle of common lacing



Hair can be cut to the desired length. For this Yoku flip upside down and sharp scissors rovnenko sostrig superfluous.
knotted hair ribbon or rezinochkoy – Yoka ready!


I do not know about you, but for me it is on the head Joke asking any state flag. I really wanted to make the Russian, but among a heap of different colors can not find the blue …
And his second Joke I made ​​rainbow hair


Sarafanchik tied a little differently and, as a decoration, stuck a sticker for mobile phones of frames, etc.
For eye took Gammovsky Iris sectional dyeing, embroidered nose snub … and there you are


Yoku knit with pleasure!

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