Step by step – sous plats-lined vinyl records with fabric

I can say that my weekend was very creative !!! I was off on Friday and took the afternoon to run a DIY little project in which I was already eyeing for a long time !!! Beautiful sous plats made of fabric lined with vinyl record, and in this post I want to share with you step by step!

sous plats

You will need: vinyl record, x b cloth, white acrylic paint and glue

Thoroughly clean the vinyl surface with a damp cloth.

sous plats

Then paint the vinyl surface (on both sides) with white acrylic paint. You can use a brush or roll to distribute the ink. As my diapers had light background I gave about three coats of white paint to the finish to stay better.



With respect to tissue, it can be any cotton fabric, but thicker, such as jeans, are to a more attractive finish. If you want to use a thinner fabric, I recommend that in addition to paint and vinyl, you cut craft paper discs or white poster board and paste it on vinyl record before gluing the fabric, not to be transparent.

With the aid of the vinyl record itself risque two circles on the fabric. With scissors cut the circles, one of them must be cut to exact size of the vinyl record. On the other tissue leave a gap of more than a finger. At the end you will have a larger and a smaller circle.


Let’s start with the surface of Sous plat that mark upwards. With a brush apply enough glue on the vinyl surface. Then center the largest tissue disc on vinyl, and press and flatten the tissue surface from the center to the edges, to ensure complete adherence of tissue and prevent the formation of bubbles.

Note: Do not use newspaper to line your work surface during bonding. It is best to use plastic to prevent them from sticking newspaper and Mess Sousplat.

vase(208) vase(209)

Flip the disc over, spend enough glue on the edges and paste the excess tissue at the back of Sousplat.


Apply enough adhesive to the entire surface and glue the other fabric disc (minor), taking the same care to avoid the formation of bubbles and ensure a better grip.

wall art(195) wall art(196) wall art(197) wall art(198)

Now just wait for the complete drying of the glue and you will have beautiful sousplats like these:

wall art(206)

But here, instead of tissue paper glued

wall art(207)