How to Make Elastic Bracelets

Learn how to make beautiful elastic wristbands and never complain about a dull look or lack of craftsmanship. In this

fabric latkan

Making a creative and easy fabric latkan

Making a creative and easy fabric latkan At home -beautiful latkans tutorial easy,{do it yourself} with lots of ideas Making

How to make crystal beaded necklace

This is another crystal beaded necklace with matching earrings. Here I have used larger oblate crystal beads in combination with

ear rings from ice cream stick

How to make earrings from ice cream stick

Earrings made from ice cream sticks are one of the best gifts you can give. You get to eat tasty

How to make a wire wrap pearl flower bracelet

Do you love pearl flower bracelet? This article will show you how to make a personalized wire wrap pearl flower

How to make double sided earrings

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.Let’s start this new year with some sparkling DIY idea. This double sided earrings/ear

spectacular pendant from techniques of decorative and applied art

How to create a spectacular pendant

In this photo-lesson, techniques are used for such types of embroidery as embroidery with a smooth and volumetric embroidery using

mussel shell earrings

How to make mussel shell earrings

Mussel shell earrings make a vibrant fashion statement. Recently I thought of buying a set of peacock shade earrings. But

How to make a 3-starnd beaded butterfly necklace

This tutorial will share a beaded butterfly necklace with you all, hope you will like it and make one later.

How to make wood pendant

I wanted to make a pendant with an open bezel but there was just one problem: I didn’t have any

sprinkles pendant

How to make sprinkles pendant

If you’re searching for a simple, cheap but pretty and colorful jewel, you’ re in the right place. This could

earrings of glass flower

How to make earrings of glass flower

How to make earrings of glass flower Tools and Materials: Glass Bottle Resin Glue Dry Flower Pearl Earrings Clip etc.

adhesive tape and coloured floss.

How to make bracelet from adhesive tape and coloured floss.

Bracelets today invented many – beaded bracelets, leather, textiles, metal and in general all the tools at hand. And today

How to make coconut shell bracelet

 Making jewelry with their hands out of scrap materials is very economical. And if the material at hand and more

How to make pendants in the technique of “filigree”

It is no secret that the hardware, despite its abundance and diversity is sometimes us a lot of trouble at