Designer dresses

Blouse models for sarees

Neck blouse style designs are popular in these days in India & also the designer blouse gives an elegant look with stylish and trendy sarees. Simple and best-designed blouses go well with stylish and casual saree. You can also wear a plain blouse with printed chiffon, cotton, and Georgette saree. The simple and plain blouse looks beautiful by adding some simple details like strings, piping, tassels, or net on the back side of the blouse. Lace and piping are the best things for adding extra creativity to the neckline. You can change or transform your blouse style with adding some extra looks and style like laces, sequins, patch, net, and knot on the back neck. You can also add a latkan and tassels on the back neck for a stylish and trendy style statement.

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